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Your Beautiful Journey Till Your Wedding Day


The journey that you have been through should be known to the world. Love is beautiful, priceless and emotional. Hold it tight just love just leaves, Hold it loose it’s lost. It is very important to tell your loved one how special they are and how days, months and years of love from family and friends has led you to where you are in life. This emotional turmoil inside should be expressed to your love. Go the flash back of the journey of you two, from childhood to the day your now right front of your partner.

ShaadiMagic values love and we have some outstanding ideas to rejuvenate the days long gone. Celebrate the journey that you have lived till now!!! 

Flash back with video montage

Your Beautiful Journey Till Your Wedding Day-ShaadiMagic

Use projectors, back drop’s or your wedding walls to show videos of you both and how you met what it has been like. Just say it how you feel being in love with each other. The wedding is big step to a new world, so thank people who led you here. The parents can even compile a video of the couple’s childhood memories and surprise them.

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Journey showing flash back of memories

Your Beautiful Journey Till Your Wedding Day-ShaadiMagic


Pictures speak a lot about your emotions. The person in the picture might grow up change but for that moment it has been framed. That moment no one can bring back nor change from your heart. So use all memorable moments to form a collage of your memories. Include friends, families and all the important people living or lost due to gods choice.

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Use kids to enact your love story

Your Beautiful Journey Till Your Wedding Day-ShaadiMagic

There are so many ways to show love and kids are the most purest form of love. Use these tiny people to enact your love story. May not look so perfect but love is all about believing in imperfections.

Propose her Again

Your Beautiful Journey Till Your Wedding Day-ShaadiMagic

Flash back, go back rewind. Yes! just stop. This moment is still special and fresh in her mind. Go back to that day again propose her again for a life long relationship. Feel the love all over and make sure this is even more touchy and sensitive. Cherish people who matter and tell them they are important.

We at ShaadiMagic would love to see your old love turning into a beautiful marriage. We look forward to some newly wedded pictures soon, do write back to us.

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By Shagufta Rahaman

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