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What you shouldn’t have missed at Fashion Doze Season 8?


Shopping bags are women’s mandatory friends and forever partners. Although there’s no time for shopping however, festive season is consider to the best time to buy new clothes, jewelries etc. Recently a huge exhibition Fashion Doze Season 8 named as Karwachauth and Diwali, shopping hub  was held in Crowne Plaza, Rohini on 23rd Sep’17. The exhibition was full of fun and new experiences.

shaadimagic fashion doze


The Fashion Doze exhibition had full festive feel with best collection of apparel. From designer clothes to trendy footwear all were displayed by the best vendors across country and that too at a very reasonable price.

Best Corner At Fashion Doze

shaadimagic fashion doze

Fashion doze season 8 had floral and vibrant theme of the decoration had made exhibition even more festive and full of life. Every corner of the hall had pleasant fragrance of the flowers which made shopping even more better experience for customers. It also had photo booth for a perfect selfie.

Best Element At Fashion Doze

It was a house full of shopping enthusiast people hogging over stalls. The best element was colorful home décor pieces, hangings, diyas, candles etc for diwali decoration. Cherry on the cake was when, Team ShaadiMagic witnessed free services offered by snap store and Agrika Kalra and so much more.

The Bling Bling Bling At Fashion Doze

shaadimagic jewelry

Apart from clothing and decors, the exhibition had huge variety of jewelry and accessories ranging from all type of artificial to gold and silver jewelries. Known vendors of the country were found showcasing their master pieces in the exhibition. All the jewelry pieces were of high quality with latest designs. And, the best part was vendors were comfortable in letting people try jewelries on them.

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The Satisfied Customers

Even after shopping for hours and going through every stall, customers were found to be happy and satisfied with what they were taking back home. The apparel exhibitors were helping each customer to find right pair of clothes for them, which was just awesome.

shaadimagic customers

At the end of the exhibition, most of the vendors had basket sale where in they were selling items on heavy discounts and each customer had at least one shopping bag in their hand.

Fashion doze season 8 was full of festival glitters and if you were not able to attend the exhibition, don’t be disheartened because founder, Megha Goyal Jain has come up with great news of introducing Season 9 Wedding Shopping Euphoria which is Scheduled on 7th of December at Crowne Plaza, Rohini. Don’t Miss it, because you just cannot afford to miss grabbing best and unique wedding outfits.

We hope see you there again 🙂

Image Courtesy: Fashion Doze

By: Sonali Gogia


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