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What Is Ruining Your Relationship?


Every single relationship has its own unique share of frustration, tension, distance or any other not-so-pleasant feelings. Oh, yes…there’s love and affection and all of that…but then, it is impossible to never have the unpleasant feelings take over once a while. As relationship expert Ms. Hunt says, “If you are experiencing disillusionment, well, join the human race.”

While we know that you try and stay positive with your relationships, every now and then reality sucker-punches us back to our senses! The fact is that many relationships fail – even the ones you thought were heaven made – there’s simply no way to argue with it.

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So may be our readers can catch a few signs of their failing relationship before it is too late. Sure, you already know that ‘it ain’t gonna last long’ since months, but many of us really need some help!

Here are Six Stupid Sins that could be ruining your relationship and heading splitsville:

  1. Threatening Him / HerIssues in Relationship and Sex

Threatening your better half is such a turn-on. Whoa! No! It is not! We are being sarcastic here!! Threatening is never a good sign for any relationship. It may surface as, “Or I shall leave…” or “Or no more sex…”, “Or, I shall tell your parents…”

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Threats, usually, are made in desperation, like you can’t handle the situation and you are using threats to regain control. But really, that’s just what kids do! Threats in an adult, mature relationship are simply tantrums – when your partner resorts to them, it is time to seriously re-evaluate the relationships long-term potential.

  1. Ignoring Him / HerIgnoring Relationship and Sex

I mean who does that anymore???

Actually, many still do.

They don’t return missed calls, reply to SMSs or E-mails. If they live together, they simply don’t acknowledge their presence, their love or their issues.

They say the one thing worse than being hated by someone is simply to be ignored by them. Being ignored means the person doesn’t even care enough to waste the energy of anger on you.

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Look back in time…have you been ignoring your partner?? Have you been ignored by your partner ? For any period of time longer than 3 weeks (or less, if it is severe), then, sorry dude (dudette), your relationship is in deep trouble.

You get into a relationship to be happy and make him/her happy. If you are hooking up with a person, simply to be ignored by them, we’d simply recommend dating your egoist boss!

  1. Telling Them What To DoDieing fun in Sex in Relationship

…That is when they haven’t asked for it!

Trust what we say, no one likes to be told what to do! Of course there are a lot of us, who are more open to ‘suggestions’, but others…? Others see it as nit-picking for no reason at all.

Oh, Really? There’s a “better” way to stack clothes in this tiny wardrobe? Naaaice. Why don’t you use it the next time!

We recommend, don’t offer unrequested service. This whole ‘suggesting’ thing comes from a ‘need to control’ background – which needless to say is toxic to loving relationships. Don’t enter your significant half’s ‘realm’. If you need it the ‘better’ way, do it yourself!

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  1. Letting The ‘Fun’ DieDieing fun in Sex in Relationship

You hook up with them because you enjoy their company. Period. But, also because you have shared perspective, outlooks, deeper understanding of each other and then, there’s physical attraction.

When ‘fun’, within any relationship dies, you know you have a rocky road ahead. Fun is an integral part of life. No matter how tight your schedules are, it is important to keep doing what you both define as ‘fun’ while the relationship matures.

So, what are going to do this weekend? Going dancing? Or heading camping?

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  1. Stop ListeningNot Listening in Relationship and Sex

There’s no better way to murder a relationship than to stop listening what he / she has to say. Okay, we don’t mean ‘hearing’. We mean ‘active listening’. Just concentrating on what they have to say, being with them in entirety and not planning our response while they are talking!

Imagine how it feels not to be heard…or not wanted to be heard. Err…did we just complicate this? Simply stated, it is disrespectful not to listen to the person you (still) love. If nobody’s listening, do you think a relationship can grow or thrive?

Hint: Damn! You need no hint for this one.

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  1. Stop TalkingCouples Not talking in relationship

It is 3 am and your still texting each other. Or still having an actual conversation cuddled up in a couch.

Is this something you’d read and say, “yeah, we used to do that a lot…”

Relationships die when the two people in it stop talking. Don’t mumble, “we talk all the time”!

We mean here real, honest conversations that people have at the beginning of the relationship. Usually, a relationship that is years old, the extreme emotions gets taken away. Like, you stop adoring when the other looks great and you stop showing anger when you’re angry. You become this moderate neither-acidic-nor-alkaline person – a person who doesn’t bother anything at all. And guess what it does to your relationship?

The good news is that these signs don’t necessarily mean your relationship is over. There is always hope, especially when both of you recognize some of these signs and decide you want to reconnect to try and grow your relationship.

So, don’t forget to tell us what sin was committed in your relationship and how you fixed it! All The Best!

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