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Wedding Photos to capture before you say “I Do”

Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic

Wedding photos are proof to the memories that the bride or groom experiences. There are few moments that you spend with your family in silence. There are emotions in the unspoken words and so much more. These priceless moments can be held in a frame through some outstanding photos. Situations changes, days pass by but photos speak so much about the forgiven moments.

Let’s help you relive these moments through your wedding photos. Have few special moments to yourself before you say “I Do.”

Photos With The family

Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic
Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic

Have a picture with your grandmother, your mother and the bride being the granddaughter in one single frame. This will be so precious and close to your heart. These photos are priceless and can never be given away. A picture with your king, your father is going to be so close to your heart.

Make your photo shoot memorable. Read more to Know how.

Photos With The Ring Bearer

Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic
Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic

The little girl can be anyone from your relatives, or your niece, any baby you are super close to. Have a crazy photo shoot with the little one. Have the best and the cutest moments with them. The little baby has the most eminent place in your heart, forget the camera and let the photos speak about what you share with this angel.

Photos While Getting Ready

Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic
Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic

While you are stepping close to getting married, capture every little moment that would showcase the crazy moments that you have spent in the room getting ready. Have every single photo framed in your heart, the last few hours of your single hood. These moments will never come back. They will happen just once and ring the bells of your hearts every time you look back.

Photos With The Team Bride

Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic
Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic

These girls have seen your ups and the down falls. They have your wackiest pictures and have admired you in the worst pyjamas. Make sure these photos have all the craziness. Your ex boyfriends are their favourite enemies. Cheers to the ladies who have seen the worst and the best in you. They have loved your imperfections and your goodness. They have forgiven your worst and meanest acts. Cheers to team bride!!!!

Photos With Pets

Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic
Weeding Photo shoot- ShaadiMagic

Check Innovative Ideas to include your dear Pets in your Wedding and make them feel special too.

These little best friends have seen you cry hugging them, laughing with them and hit them at some time. They have the purest soul and always accepted you for what you are. Honour them and share some beautiful moments before you leave. Make them a part of your wedding.

Check more poses with pets here. You just cannot miss these.

ShaadiMagic would love to frame such moments and have a lovely photo shoot done for you. Do message us for help.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest/Google. Shaadi Magic holds no copyright.

By Shagufta Rahaman.

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