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Wedding Makeup Mistakes To Avoid


Wedding is one of the beautiful experience and to make everything look perfect we do a lot of hard work and research. From wedding dresses to caterers, and vendors, the thing should be well planned. However, when it comes to makeup, there are many things which we ignore or make makeup mistakes thinking that it will not do any help such as not apply a waterproof makeup or not apply the right foundation according to one’s skin tone.

So, here are some of the wedding makeup mistakes which not all, but some of us make makeup mistakes in some way or the other. Shaadimagic has pointed down some of the wedding makeup mistakes to avoid:

Not Adding Foundation:


When your skin tone is evened out with the foundation, you will get perfect pictures for your wedding as there will be a better light impact. Even if your skin is flawless skin, you will still not get good pictures till you apply the foundation.

Avoiding Waterproof Mascara:

Waterproof mascara

Nobody like getting their makeup messed up not even your emotions. We have a trick for this, try waterproof mascara! During wedding time, there will some moments and special occasions where you can’t help but let water flow from your eyes. So, be prepared with waterproof mascara.

Foundation on bare skin:

Foundation on bare skin

Never apply foundation on your bare skin. Before that, put on some moisturiser as applying directly to bare skin won’t hold and will make your skin look suffocated. This will help your face from not breaking out the next morning.

Eye Brow:

Eye brow

Never wait for the last minutes to get your eyebrows trim. Do it at least 3 to 4 days before the big day as it will give them some time to heal. This is because when you are nervous, your skin becomes 10 times more sensitive.

Not Adding Makeup Powder:


Always apply a good quality translucent powder over the foundation to set the makeup. Else, makeup will look good only during the first few hours and will fade away from your face soon.

Eyes Shadow Base:

Eye Shadow Base

To make your eye shadows look good throughout the wedding,make sure to use an eye shadow basebefore applying shadow.

Pencil Eye Liner:

pencil eye liner

Wax-based pencil liners melt easily, therefore, use a cake or gel eyeliner to make them stay longer.

Penciled On Brows:

Eye Brow pensil

Use an eyebrow powder to make your eyebrows look well-defined, natural and not fade away.

Using “Long-Lasting” Lipsticks:

long lasting lipstick

Outline your lips first with a lip pencil, and then apply lipstick and dab on a folded tissue. Re-apply it. This will leave a lot of pigment on your lips and the lipstick will stay on longer. You can also add lip gloss for some shine.

Not Using Makeup Setting Spray:

makeup setting spray

When all makeup is done, sets it with makeup, spray for all weather conditions.

Keep these points in mind and have photo ready skin and face. If you keep these tips in kinds before starting with your makeup, we are sure, not only the guests, but the groom can also take eyes off you!

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