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Wedding Diary: Raveena Tandon’s Daughter Chaya Gets Married In Goa


Raveena Tandon was merely 21 back then in 1995, when she decided to be a single mother to two grown up girls. When other actresses of her age were busy bragging films and awards, Raveena usually rushed to schools and markets to fetch things for her two god-gifted daughters. But she still was a sensational rage in the 90’s and one of our favorite actresses too. Today, her elder daughter Pooja is already married and now the younger one, Chhaya has tied the knot with her long-time beau, Shawn Mendes.

raveena tandon, chaya, daughter, marriage
Raveena, Pooja and Chaya.

The ravishingly young and bold mother herself arranged for the whole wedding requirements and also saw to it that no rituals or traditions were left back. The wedding was more of a private affair, hosted by the Tandons in Goa. The mehendi, chura and shagun functions were a quite yet huge celebrations for the Tandons with some friends and family members in attendance.

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Thanks to Raveena, the gorgeous Mother-in-law for the second time, for sharing with us some of the best snaps from her sweetheart’s wedding ceremony in Goa. Raveena looked a stunner in a royal solitaire blue figure fit gown.

Take a look of the beautiful moments from the Hindu-Catholic church wedding:


raveena tandon, chaya, daughter, marriage
The Chura Ceremony.

Raveena Tandon, shared this picture with all her fans on a social networking site, and it took no time for her daughter to get showered plenty of blessings from all over. The glow we see on the bride Chaya’s face is really evident. But we cannot miss upon the charm we are getting to see in Raveena’s smile while making her daughter wear the chura.


raveena tandon, chaya, daughter, marriage
The Bride.


Chaya looked no less than a fairy in her bridal outfit. A mesmerizing white gown with intricate floral lace work, which was yet another designer piece, surely made the bride feel royal on her D-day. To complete her Christian bride look, she has beautifully donned a delicate and pristine white netted veil, which does the complete work of beautifying the bride more over.

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raveena tandon, chaya, daughter, marriage
The Bride’s Mom.

Raveena Tandon looked proud and all happy-happy in her younger daughter’s wedding ceremony. While she ravished the paparazzi in her bright and classy outfit, what really made her stun us, is the natural gleam we could see on her face and oh yes, that smile too! No way did the blue, body hugging high street fashion gown gave us the feels that the one to adorn it was the mother of the bride.



raveena tandon, chaya, daughter, marriage
The Venue.

The bride and her groom both witnessed a grand and ‘dream come true’ kind wedding in the state of joy, bliss and paradise, Goa! The wedding venue was a roman catholic church which was filled with excitement and blessings from all the present guests and well-wishers.


raveena tandon, chaya, daughter, marriage
The Bride & The Groom.

Don’t they look so cute and perfect together? Well, we are pretty sure they both would be feeling proud and lucky to have been tied together now for a lifetime. This amazingly captured photograph has revealed the love Chaya and Shawn share, look deep into it and you will understand.

We wish the newly married couple a ton of happiness and an entire lifetime of peace and paradise!

Image Courtesy: Google/Pinterest/Twitter. ShaadiMagic holds no copyright for images.

By Savnee Shivalkar

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