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Ways to save your Wedding Accessories


When it comes to wedding we love going for shopping and buying al those stuff to look glam and special. There are many such accessories or other jeweler piece we invest in, but do not really use after the marriage.

If you are also one of them who do not want to spend too much on wedding jeweler and want to save, then Shaadimagic will guide you how to take care of those chunky piece and save more.

  1. First of all make sure you choose accessories that you will reuse everyday or other occasion like friends wedding, family function or other party at home. Select accessories like shoes, jewelry, ties, shirts and suits that can be worn after the big day.

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  1. If your closet is stuffed with all those thing which you do not use in everyday life, donate it! Donate your wedding accessories to a local charity or to those who cannot afford a wedding accessories.

  1. Wedding is not only about going shopping for wedding brands and stores. Nowadays, weddings have a variety of styles, many of which are non-traditional.

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  1. If you that that a particular neck piece or a ring is worth investing in, then you can try borrow parts of your wedding ensemble from friends and family.

  1. The way to save more money is to not but any head or hair accessory. The pallu usually cover the entire head so there is no need to wear those fancy accessories and invest unnecessarily.

  1. Always buy wedding stuff from a wholesale-priced merchant. You can get cheap stuff there.

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Just follow these simple rules and we are sure will can save a lot on your wedding accessories and other stuff.

Happy Wedding!

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