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Visit This Only If You’re A History Love Bird


Today, ShaadiMagic travel diaries shares about the exclusive ancient historical place. So, those who love to explore the old decades and excavation of Orissa (Odisha) has served it in a huge way. We thought that forts and palace in India were only much popular in North while temples in the south. But, Orissa has both like a combo pack which has a real religious and royal rulers to everyone surprise except the Orissa population.

The Konark Sun Temple

One of the magnificent structure considered as seven wonders of the world featured by UNESCO World Heritage Site. The aim to visit this temple is to know the little-detailed history about the temple since its evolution. The temple was dedicated to God Sun or God Surya that was built at 13th- century AD by King Narasimhadeva of the Ganga Dynasty. This massive monument was also known as the Black Pagoda by the European Sailors. You will come to know some mythological and astronomical facts about this gigantic structure as you visit this place of Odisha.

Lingaraj Temple

Another temple with religious beliefs and power enthralled into each and every devotee of lord Shiva is located at Bhubaneshwar district of Odisha which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The architecture style states the Kalinga Dynasty. You will find a huge statue of Lord Shiva made up of Granite and other factors too informative if you or your partner is a religious and a history lover. It looks like fortress view because of the red solid sandstones, while as per the sources, some believe that it dates back to 11th- century while some believe that some parts of the temple exist since 6th-century.

Jagannath Temple

If you still feel like to lead your path towards the temple and get the blessings, then welcome to the 12th-century Jagannath temple dedicated to Lord Krishna (Lord of the Universe).  The construction of the temple has a mythological story where King Indrayumna, the ruler of the territory constructed the temple as per the wishes of Lord Krishna in his dreams. It is one of the most popular attractions especially by the Hindu people where they are expected to visit the Char Dham (4 parts of the temple) pilgrimage one’s in a lifetime.

Brundavan Palace

The palace is situated in the town called Paralekhamundi which is known for the Kings Palace that existed for seven centuries. This palace is the pride of Odisha which is also known as Gajapati palace as well as Paralekhamundi palace. The Durbar Hall at the centre of the palace is the most interesting part to the viewers with other types of special rooms constructed for a specific reason. One will surely explore the precious things, traditional artwork, portraits, and the royal lifestyle of Gajapati Dynasty that king lived in the early decades. The place sounds like a big Maharaja stories of India.

Jeypore Palace

The word Jeypore in Odisha is pronounced as Joypur which means a “the city of victory” is located in the Koratpur district of Odisha has the historical fact with nature like waterfalls and dense forest around. This palace with the massive walls has a history of the family of Deo or Dev Dynasty during the 5-th century which is a well famous in this town. As a visitor to this palace, you will find some picturesque of olden times of the town. And that is why we living in India all had a subject called History that is a heritage site of the past evolutions.

Gahirmatha Beach

After waving your travel from temples to the palace, a cool and calm relaxing place of nature is a must. One of the world’s largest Olive Ridley sea turtles at this beach is vast and numerous ones. The beach is a sea mouth that opens towards the ocean Bay of Bengal. You will find a huge number of sea turtles between the month of January to May with the sighting of mating and nesting of this marine creature that any nature lovers will find it memorable. Other than that, there are some more species like fiddler crab and horseshoe crab on this sandy nature reserve beach.


After having a stretch of historical places for those history lovers, a little romantic journey is a must. This land is known as the Kashmir of Odisha at Kandhamal district. It is nature preservative area with the true natural beauty of the valleys and hills. At this calm and soothing place, the newly wedded couples are surely going to fall in love with the jungles of pines, turmeric paste gardens, coffee plantation, etc and also places like Doluri river, Putudi Waterfalls and the Belghar Sanctuary.

We really feel good to let you know about this piece of huge land worth for those lovers, couples, newlyweds who love to gain the knowledge of literature and past. But, one more thing is very interesting that after viewing these monuments one can have a calm place like the Gahirmatha Beach and to add to a fruitness moments to your love, there is a place called Daringabadi like a Kashmirwadi. Hope you too have a happy loving journey to this tour.

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By – Deeksha Anchan

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