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Valentine Gifts That Are Total Waste Of Money


We know that Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love and everyone, the ones who are committed or married are going to have some great time of their lives this 14th February. Well, we understand your excitement and enthusiasm to surprise and your impress your better half with some super expensive and huge gifts.

Gone are the days when people liked those over the top lovey dovey gifts. Today the world breathes practicality and expects all things straight and forward. You definitely might be thinking to blow your cash chunks on some conventional Valentine’s gifting like those huge stuffed teddy bears, rose bouquets, expensive dinner at 5 stars.

So if you are thinking to ditch this routine valentine gifts this year and go for some over the top creative yet romantic yet practical gifts for your partner then you are going correct.

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Keep reading.


Stuffed Teddy Bear as Valentines Gift

Damn, who says that all girls love teddies? At least I don’t and am sure there would be many like me. So dear guys please do not just buy a big fat teddy and wind up your gifting tension. Because we girls are already having those chubby chaps lying on our beds and in our room. Instead you can go for small artifacts which can add to your girl’s showpiece collection. Though the gift would be small, she would love to add on it to her collection.


Clothes as Valentines Gift

This gifting option is a BIG NO! Please, try to avoid gifting your partner a pair of clothing because it has many reasons. One, you don’t know the size and it might ill-fit. Two, because sometimes fashion choices won’t match and then it would be a big disaster. Three, because clothing can be even bought personally, there is nothing so unique about it to be gifted and that too for a special occasion? Of course not! Instead you can gift them coupons or vouchers of their favorite brand or store.


Perfumes as Valentines Gift

Not only as a Valentines gift but even as usual gifting option, perfumes aren’t treated with priority. It is such because gifting is always an emotion, an expression. And by gifting a perfume you could express that ‘You stink, here is a perfume for you’. So instead you can buy them miniature sets of certain perfume brands which are like testers and help you in deciding which the best one is. These miniatures are expensive than the whole bottle itself.


Chocolates as Valentines Gift

Well, if this is just a gift add on with your other big gifts, it is totally acceptable. But if you are planning to buy just a big sized chocolate box then please thank us for saving your bucks and also valentine. There is nothing really so sweet about gifting chocolates other the chocolate’s taste. You could instead gift some homemade bakery items like cakes, pastries, cookies or puddings. This would add a personal touch to your gifting.


Flowers as Valentines Gift

If you are partner is an absolute nature lover, don’t even dare to pick on those poor flowers from the garden. You could get banned forever for troubling Mother Nature. Even otherwise, gifting flowers is not treated as an ideal valentine’s gift because flowers are just permanent beauty and they fade away with time. Instead you can make handmade greeting cards with some paper roses and flowers.

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We are sure you are going to consider all the above waste gifts and instead gift your Valentine this year, something unique yet romantic. The more personal touch you add to it, more the chances of your partner liking it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, hope you have a great one.

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