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Use frames for your wedding decorations


Weddings are all about that jazz and craziness. Weddings have their own vibe and flair. Wedding lawns can be decorated with frames; it can be used in variety of ways for your wedding decor purpose. The frames can be incorporated in various styles at the functions and can be utilised in the photo-booths sections. The framework of the frames can be hanged around the corner for pictures and it looks really interesting.

We have some ideas as to how use simple things like frames for decoration purpose and how trendy it can get. Read more.

Wedding quotes or wishes


Use famous wedding quotes and wishes to decorate the backyard or the wall of the wedding hall. Add views about marriages or how the old love letters can be framed and hanged in the sides of the vows. There are many other options you can look around for your big day. Make sure you choose the right colours and theme for the wedding to go with it.

Photo booth


The frame can act as a virtual reality; use the frame for adding the pictures of people you have lost or your old childhood pictures to add that moment. You can also use the frames for photo booth purpose and make it little different from rest of the weddings.


image5 (1)

Frames can be used to decorate the lawns and the backyard for the wedding. Frames can be hanged all around the ceilings for the decor purpose and the frames can be adored with flowers and beautiful stone hangers to give a royal classy look.



Flowers can be boring stand alone, so use them with the frames. So, use flowers with satin ribbons that can look really vibrant and innovative. Mainstream decorations have become very stereotype go for something that is new and can turn heads for the mind blowing decor you have put up.

We at Shaadi Magic love to help to be weds with their wedding planning. Do let us know for all the help you need and we would make life simple.

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By Shagufta Rahaman.


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