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Trendy Grooms Attire to try this season


To best of the best at one’s wedding is not only brides, but also what groom wants. We often forget about the groom, isn’t this day as much as his day too? Not just him, the groomsmen also needs to get attention from bridesmaid as well.

So, Shaadimagic has some groom’s and groomsmen attire which one can consider:

  • Black-tie formal: Get one and make sure that it fits you perfectly.
  • Formal: Any colour whether black or a dark neutral-colored suit is good. Accessories yourself with pop colours to make your suit an eye catcher!
  • Semi-formal: They are a bit causal and a bit formal. Actually made of casual materials. Experiment with colours and explore more varieties of semi formals. This would be best for a beach or summer weddings.
  • Casual: Make sure you do not wear Jeans at all! Try anything from long-sleeved shirt, tie or jacket.

When attending a wedding, keep in mind that it’s better to be overdressed (only slightly though. Don’t show up in a tux to a semi-formal wedding!) than under-dressed. If you want to dress down during the wedding, you can take off your jacket if need be.
Additionally, suits can be rented if you don’t want to break the bank on a suit in an obscure color — you might sacrifice on fit, but you can usually find a close enough double and at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s look at some trendy groom’s attire to make it more special for him.


The colorful suits

Black is too old now, but what about shades of grey? Recently, there was a trend that every groom was seen wearing tan or beige suits for summer weddings, and grey suits for fall or winter weddings. Well, this is something new and interesting to consider.



Suspenders not only add a funky and modern look to the attire, but also looks subtle and give a twist to any trendy groom’s attire.


bow tie

They are trendy and stylish this season, so, add a splash on your wedding day with some nice bow tie.

Now, there are more choices available in the market to try this wedding season. Go out and explore some interesting things for you or your friend’s wedding and also do share it with us.

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