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Tips to select your Bridal Makeup Artist on your Big Day


Every girl dreams to become a bride or see her in the bridal wear from her early days of childhood. That’s a most natural feeling with every girl. When this day is arriving in no time, she tries her best to make the best of the moment. Bridal Makeup is something, which will make a bride look confident, beautiful and secured on the most special day of her life. So going for cheap to save some pennies is just not the right way. An important tip to begin with an experienced and a creative makeup artist is a person who will make you look natural but glamorous. Here are some important tips to help you choose your makeup artist in the most easy and intelligent manner.

Go For Freelancer or Saloon on the D-DayTips to select Bridal Makeup Artist

First and foremost, decide yourself if you are ok with leaving the hassle bassle of the wedding environment and go to the saloon to get decked up. If not, choosing a freelancer coming to your home and conveniently doing your makeup is a good choice. Surf the Internet and you will get plenty of freelance bridal makeup artists near your area who are ready to come to the wedding venue point as well. You can also make use of Just Dial to get the details about the freelancers.

Brainstorm: What you exactly wish to look like

Every girl has some image set in her mind as to the way she wants to look on her wedding day. Getting that right in your mind, during your first meeting pays attention to every minute detail the makeup artist discusses with you. If she/he is a professional bridal makeup artist, few questions will be his/her concerns-

  • What kind of makeup you want
  • The kind of hair you wish to have
  • What outfit you are wearing
  • Your hair type
  • Any particular color or specifications in mind and such.

Discuss with them with your heart open. Fix only when you are fully satisfied with the discussion.

How To Do Incredible Bridal Makeup

Very important: A Bride Makeup Trial


This is very important to be fully satisfied before the D-Day. For sure you don’t want any end minute goof ups, especially not at the cost of looks and bridal makeup at least. The feeling itself makes me feel scared, you too, right? After telling her wishes and wants, get the makeup trial appointment fixed. Also get clear that the bridal makeup artist is listening to what you really want and not just doing as per their wish.

Concerned Makeup Artist: A good Sign to finalize

Once your trial is done, the makeup artist should be concerned about your likings and all. If the re-do is required, she shouldn’t be irritated at the same. Book them immediately if you feel she is cooperative, understanding and at the end, you are happy with the results of the makeup. Happiness from within about bridal makeup itself is going to make you all the more pretty on the wedding day.

And by chance, you are not satisfied, don’t be sad, but just go the list you shortlisted for different bridal makeup artist and once again start the whole process. Patience pays off and so it will get you one Makeup artist who will make you look the prettiest ever.

P.S.- Don’t forget to wear the prettiest curve- a sweet smile and you will be the centre of attraction.

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