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Throwback to Fashion of 2000s – (That You Probably Won’t Do Now)


“Can we turn back time  to the good old days, when our mommas sang us to sleep and now we are stressed out.” LOL! I know, I know..I am hearing too much Twenty One Pilots these days. But what could have been a better Throwback song?
(And I am not counting real throwback numbers of JLo or Spears or Kumar Sanu bcz too cliche.)

So this time, I am really turning back the time to the good (or not so good )old days. To the days where wearing hoopla and tank top with  bell – bottomed denims was a thing.

Kareena 2000, Tank Top, Bell bottom, Shaadimagic
And those embroidered denims

To an era when popped up combination of blue and yellow (and pink stuffed right in face to it) was the right sartorial choice. ( And So was Rajeev Khandelwal <3)
2000s fashion, shaadimagic wedding

The times when men could go out with sheer T-shirts and not be judged.

Hrithik 2000 fashion, men fashion, men wedding fashion
That Braid Girl Though

– Sigh- We are getting old 😮

So today, hand in hand, we will navigate down this memory lane and would have a #ThursdayThrowback to some of the swag exuding fashion moments of past 10 years.

I am starting with Lakme Fashion Week. The beauty brand Lakme started the runway walk in 2000 and it has evolved into a zeitgeist-y influencer. But was it always the same? Let’s have a look over some of its starters.

Fist LFW, first Lakme Fashion Week, Rina Dhaka
Lakme Fashion Week 2000

After much effort, I managed to get this legit LFW picture from 2000. This was for bare all collection by Rina Dhaka. The models walked in sheer tops – baring it all and it was quite a talk of the town back then.
A few more pictures that I found of successive LFW shows are here-

LFW 2001 shaadimagic wedding planning, fashion trends in 2000
LFW 2001 – Tack Or Denims ? Tranim?


LFW 2002 Shaadimagic Wedding Planning Fashion trends
LFW 2002. Kurti And Bell Bottom – You wore it, Admit it!!


LFW 2003 SHAADIMAGIC wedding Planning fashion trends
LFW 2003 – Purlpe Eye Shadow and Lime color .Nostalgia seeped in


Diandra Soares LFW 2004Shaadimagic wedding planning
Diandra Soares LFW 2004 – Hot! Patterned Pencil Skirts hmm


2005 LFW
2005 LFW. That Corn Rows phase

There are pictures from some other runways as well .

Deepika old pic Shaadimagic
Yes! You guessed it right. A pic from 2006 and a Bandana

And we have one more surprise.

Anushka-Sharma, 2007, shaadimagic
A 2007 Picture of Anushka Sharma

And now when I have come to this, I would go a little off topic and would love to share a few more “vintage” pictures of  these Bollywood Divas that I found on deepest,remotest and hidden corners of Google pages 3, 4 and 5 respectively. ( *bows*)

I don’t know why the world was so obsessed with sheer tops in 200os, they kind of look – idk- uncomfortable?!

Katrina Kaif in 2002
Katrina Kaif in 2002 –


Bipasha in late 90s
Bipasha in late 90s – Mango Yellow Bikini

I still remember those songs of 00s with glitter blouses and satin sarees. Blues, Purples and Magentas were undeniably the color codes.

Bipasha in 2003 Shaadimagic
Bipasha in 2003 –
Here comes the mighty sheer top
Here comes the mighty sheer top over a cami


Anushka in 2007
Anushka in 2007 – Studded Denim looks  kinda cool


John in early 2000s
John in early 2000s – The  Sheer Blue Jumpsuit though
Priyanka Chopra - Shaadimagic
See Through Dress and Brown Lipstick – Really?!

While now these divas and hunks elicits a reaction that makes us go awe in love and envy with them but back then they made some choices of glamour and vitality that they perhaps won’t repeat now. (And who would?)

Even Kim Kardashian won’t. She would never wear those calf boots with that belt, ever again!

She is all restricted Balmain now
She is all restricted Balmain now

Okay! So early 2000s  were kind of dicey for fashionistas. I don’t know how we fell for those black choker neck pieces, right? And those loud belts !!! Yeah?

Relax, just fast forward 10 years, and we would say same for 2016 too. So cheers for the old times and one more to the present faux-pass that we are making to be reminisced sometime after 10 years.

Aakanksha Sharma
Image Source – Google/Pinterest




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