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#ThankHer- This Women’s Day, Thank Every Woman In Your Life


8th March.
This is the day probably when every woman and man in the world respect women. They open doors for her, talk to her politely, acknowledge her opinions and what not. 9th March, everything is back to normal.
International Women’s day is not about women demeaning men, but about every gender acknowledging the existence of woman. A woman complete every relationship, know how!
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Women's Day

She is someone who will always love you. She will be awake every night during your exams, pray for you every day and keeps your needs above her’s. The only living example of selfless love is that of her!

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Women's Day
She may not be your mother, but is definitely someone who will be a lot more than that. She will be your teacher, your guide and your savior. Get to know her well, and there is nothing that will stop her from becoming your friend too!
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Women's Day

She’s the one who will take the blame for you and run after gifts on rakhi. Yes, she is your sister to whom you can never say no to. She is fun, she’s crazy and she’s someone who will be by you no matter what comes.
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Best Friend

Women's Day

You fight like cats and dogs but come to each other in the end. She is your savior for life. Without her, it is impossible for you to get ready for that perfect date, pass in exam or even wake up early! Gosh, what would you do without her?


Women's Day

Your companion for the life she is. Your secret keeper and your chef. She is not one playing many, but many playing one woman. Right from maintaining her life to your’s, she will never fail you.

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Women's Day

She is not your son because she is your daughter and will always be with you even when you are old and never leave your side. She loves you and always will, making you proud with every step she takes ahead in life.

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This International Women’s Day Team ShaadiMagic starts a movement called “Thank Her”. Do nothing but thank that special woman in your life be it your mother, your teacher, your friend, your boss, your love, your wife or even your daughter.
Anybody you feel is the hero and deserves a thank you for all that they have done. Simply send us a picture of your hero, a small thank you message with #ThankHer and we shall feature it on ShaadiMagic facebook and other social media handles for her to know!

Team ShaadiMagic wishes all women a very happy International Women’s Day Wishing them strength and love.

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By Arushi Tyagi.

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