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Things to tell your Husband before the Wedding


Brides tend to spend a lot of time thinking and planning their weddings: the dress, the venue, the food and so many other things. Don’t forget your loving to be husband among all this mess. At times we just overlook few things that should be considered regarding the groom. There are few things we hide from our husbands for some insecurity, comfort zone issues or for some fear inside.

Some brides tell their husbands just outright and few husbands are kept away from the secrets inside the heart.

Here are few things that you should consider before hiding anything from the to be husband.

Your To Be Husband Matters:

Things to tell the husband to be-ShaadiMagic

Weddings tend to be about the bride, but you can’t have one without a groom. It’s important to let your man know that even though pretty much everyone will be focused on you, that you will be focused on him and his priorities. Little gestures like that will let him know that he’s not just a prop at this big party. Make him understand what he means to you now.

Make him feel important, tell him his worth in your life. Read more.

We Are A Team:

Things to tell the husband to be-ShaadiMagic

Husband and wife are like one mind and one soul. Since you’re mixing family and money and logistics. Now that the big day is here, let him know that it’s officially you and him against the world. Now you both will fight with each others issues and never complain.

No to Get Drunk:

Things to tell the husband to be-ShaadiMagic

Your to be husband has to be in his sense during his wedding vows. So make sure he is not having some boy time behind the scenes.

He will be a great Father

Things to tell the husband to be-ShaadiMagic

If you don’t plan on having kids right away, let him know that it’s a part of life you’ll be excited to take on with him. Parenthood is very much a two-person job and he’s definitely going to be great.

Things you love about him

Things to tell the husband to be-ShaadiMagic

It shows that you’ve been paying attention when he always remembered to order the sushi you like or booked that weekend getaway for your birthday. Everyone loves to be validated, and it’s important to tell your to be husband that you’ve appreciated everything he’s done for you this far.

I know we are going to fight

Things to tell the husband to be-ShaadiMagic

Tell your to be husband that no matter what you squabble about, at the end of the day it’s him you want to curl up with. It is a new territory for both of you.  Even with all the advice and books out there, to a large degree you have to play it by ear. Admit you’ll make some mistakes, but you’ll make them together.

Plans for the wedding night

Things to tell the husband to be-ShaadiMagic

Now that he will be your husband, give him a preview. So before he scoots off for the night mention what you have in mind for your personal after party. Cold feet won’t be an issue for him, guaranteed.

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By Shagufta Rahaman.

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