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Things Men Do That Destroy Marriage


Every marriage has it’s own problems, peculiarities and issues. But how you fight against the difficulties, talks a lot about your bond and the depth of  your relationships. Relationships are much like bridges; a lot goes into the construction and maintenance, but breaking them is a lot easier. Especially when it comes to marriages, both partners can tend to take each other for granted, and behave in ways that can damage the essence of love. It is very important to understand the meaning of love and to fulfill your duties efficiently.

Here are few stupid things that you do and this leads to a total disastrous marriage.

 Leaving Her Alone

Things Men Do That Destroy Marriage-ShaadiMagic

Leaving your wife alone, especially when she needs you the most, is the quickest way to damage your relationship with her. Making things worse by letting her be all by herself is going to make your marriage worse. Let go work, friends and other things which might take away all the time she needs. Be there when she needs you the most, love her and make her feel wanted.

Avoiding Intimacy

Things Men Do That Destroy Marriage-ShaadiMagic

Intimacy need not always mean making love. Physical intimacy is of course an important part, but not “the only” way to be close! There are so many ways you can get close to the person you love, compliment her, look at her the way no one ever could and just be with her during emotional disturbances. Find love in small, small things and life would be so much better.

Tending To Infidelity

Things Men Do That Destroy Marriage-ShaadiMagic

Infidelity is the most detrimental to a relationship, and this has been proved time and again. But did you know that you need not actually have an extramarital affair for that? It is a fact for life that every women you see might look every charming and better than what you have but there will be a man who looks better than you too. This is the rule of the world and you cannot do anything about it. Always be happy with whatever you have right now!!

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Constant Anger

Things Men Do That Destroy Marriage-ShaadiMagic

There will certainly be moments when you get irritated or annoyed by something she does, and that is alright too. Things will not always go like you plan or think about, but you both can always work on your life.

Hold on to the love you have for each other and that is the only thing that will last forever.

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By Shagufta Rahaman

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