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Things Marathi Girls Must Do Before Marriage


Aamchi Mumbaikar’s Marathi ‘Nauri’ (bride) and all dear sisters and siblings – if you have got your life partner Mr. Naura (bridegroom) then what are you waiting for??? And if not found then take it easy because we are sure you will definitely find your destiny. Today ShaadiMagic has the Maharashtrian traditional wedding outfit grooming ideas for Marathi girls. These amazing doses will truly help you or your best friend to get set and be ready with her wedding outfit. After all, it’s a bridal day who should awe these interesting things done the day before marriage and on the marriage day itself. Know these tips to make you one pretty looking Maharashtrian bride in the Marathi ceremony!

Firstly, get yourself pampered with some beauty treatments like clean up, facial, hair spa, manicures and pedicures, etc. and lots more special that you can get with the complete bridal package. Get the appointment fixed for your personal makeup artist for a grooming session. Also, make sure that you let your makeup artist know your wedding saree so that they would accordingly provide a clear pretty look with an appropriate hairstyle on the wedding day. Avoid these steps at the last minute that may turn hassle for you and the makeup artist.

Secondly, always try to assist another makeup artist as a backup, as in certain case if your makeup artist has to rush for an emergency call and the other one would work out. Make sure that you are ready with all the jewellery, brooch pins, and saree well pressed.


eye look

Here are some interesting ways of makeup that you can try to shake up your look. The picture below of an eye makeup will be helpful if you try step by step. The Inner lid of the eye has a light shade and the outer lid of the eye has the darker shade. It will be best suggested to apply a light skinny shade on the entire eyelid and then start with the inner lid and the outer lid. Both the eye has a focus on the centre lid of the eye with shimmer golden shine and then apply the black eyeliner.


step of lip color

When it comes to lip color you must always choose it as per your skin color. Luckily, fair girls can have a wide range of color from light to darker shade that too, as per the wedding dress color and jewelry set. While a medium tone of skin can also have a vivid range of color; but still avoid some light shade lip color. The darker skin tone is always welcome to have darkest shade of red and maroon with the different style like keeping the outer lip line stay dark. One can have the lighter shade of lip color except, as I said it would match up only on the basis of the color of the wedding saree and jewelry that one owes to have it. It’s all about playing with color that has a unique combination.


Let your hair be neatly styled as per your hair length. Girls with long hair are best suggested with flowers embedded on the plaited braid; while short hairs can have tied and styled up like sweet, simple amboda bun with designing pins of varied style around the neckline or with a pleasant studded clip that highlights your hair. Or if you wish have a longer plaited style of the bride that nowadays brides love to try then that is too possible, by adding another piece of hair with appropriate jewelry.

The above-mentioned styles of my ideas would be best advised to try it before marriage, just as you get ready for any stage performance. Last minute trial may lead to wrong get up which may turn out like a weird style, and we don’t want your statement be dropped down so easily. Hope you love these ideas of for that perfect Maharashtrian bridal look. GO! Get ready to try and carry these, look for your convenience and also for your Naura (Bridegroom).

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