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The Ultimate Necklace Guide: How To Wear The Perfect Neckpiece With Different Necklines


From your tip-to-toe you wish to look picture perfect, don’t you? So when you dress up and you know you got some quirky fashion sense, why ignore the perfect accessorizing? Don’t we all simply hate it when we have to rush out of our rooms ASAP, and we forget about wearing the perfect accessories?

The style of the necklace is not only about what type of necklace it is, but also about how and where it is positioned on the body. There are few necklines which can be worn successfully with almost any necklace of any length or style. Other necklines require a little bit more thought and are more restrictive when it comes to the choice of necklace.

Here is a complete guide on different types of necklines that exist to womankind and the perfect neck-pieces as a companion for them.


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For V neck tops or blouses, one can pair a necklace with similar triangular or v-shape patterns that ends just above the neckline. Also, smaller pendant necklace that flows into v of the top can be an ideal choice for such necklines. These angular ornaments can lengthen the appearance of the neck, and create a flattering effect.


necklaces, neckline, style tips, pendent, chains, accessory
Turtle Neck

You can fetch out those long sassy chain necklaces from your old closet because that’s what goes best with turtle necklines. When you have the lower neck covered, you can easily pull of the accessory look on your front body. It can also give you a slimmer look if you wish to hide the heavier front.


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Scoop or round neck

Scoop or round necks usually leave quite much of open space below your neck and above your bust line. You can freely wear some nice broad and bold statement neck-pieces with much layers or volume as they get enough space to flaunt their beauty. Ideally, the necklace here should fit into the open neckline.


necklaces, neckline, style tips, pendent, chains, accessory
Crew Neck

Crew necks and also some polo necks are quite easy-going when it comes to accessorizing. They work well with a range of necklaces of different kinds. But preferably the best goings are broad and bold bibs or stone necklaces for this neckline. Longer necklaces work equally well, including delicate solitaire pendants and statement pieces.


necklaces, neckline, style tips, pendent, chains, accessory
Halter Neck

The halter neck is one the sexiest necklines you can wear to flaunt your collar bone and broad shoulders. These are best paired with circular chokers or also triangle shaped pendant. If looked upon at the lines of the sides of a halter top, they go upwards towards your face in almost a triangle shape. So you could definitely like to offset this with a triangle shaped necklace pointing downwards from your face for the perfect balance.


necklaces, neckline, style tips, pendent, chains, accessory
Strapless or tube top

To my belief, strapless dresses are the ultimate sophisticated clothing with the sexiest neckline. For such dresses which define your shoulders, you ought to keep thing pretty much minimal by pairing your tube top with a simple choker. Though chokers come in different styles like, hang around, neck fitting, lazy style and many more, you can choose any as all of them will only elongate your neckline!

So beauties, the right necklace not only will enhance an outfit, but also flatter the wearer, so it is very essential to choose wisely by selecting a necklace that suits the neckline. The choice of colour and style should match the overall outfit, not just the neckline. And we assure you that with some more of research and a little bit of experimenting, you shall master the art of correct accessorizing!

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By Savnee Shivalkar

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