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The Special Bond Between A Bride And Her Best friends


When you’re a kid, you exchange friendship bracelets with your best friends. When you’re an adult, you ask those people ― sisters, cousins, friends and roommates ― to be your bridesmaids. This is a beautiful relationship all together. These Besties are like soul sisters they make a small family within themselves. You and your best friend are like a team. Can you imagine how life will change once you all friends get married?

Live in these beautiful moments, let go grudges and just enjoy what you have in front. Later all you will do is laugh at petty matters that you guys fought with.

Emotions and Best Friends

Photoshoot with the bestfriend-ShaadiMagic

They know your first boyfriend, your crazy crushes and off course the guy that you hate the most. How can your bestie forget the times you wanted to leave home and run away from the cruel world. The stupid tears, the mean fights and the pain you have all seen together. All these friends have contribution to what you are today. All your best friends add up to your personality.

Live these moments, make memories that last long in your hearts and minds.Read more.

Funny Moments

Photoshoot with the bestfriend-ShaadiMagic

When was the last time the gang and you made fun of the man walking on the road. Leave that how many boys did they reject for you? That guy at the mall was perfect for you… rather marry that chaat wala best!!! They know when you are up to some mischief or up to some crazy naughty trouble that you are cooking. Ringing bells at neighbors, to prank calls and how can we forget the night outs? Best friends are for life. They will love you for your flaws and perfections.

The Crazy Wedding Preparation With Best friends

Photoshoot with the bestfriend-ShaadiMagic

How did he like you? Was he blind ? Then suddenly tears just roll down. You just realize your best friend is getting married. The prince has finally come to rescue your little doll. How nostalgic the moment gets. All the memories flush by like slides of pictures. How can you let her go, the girl who has been with you for so many years. That power of acceptance that your little friend has finally found love.

Photoshoot with the bestfriend-ShaadiMagic

Use these moments, repeat all the craziness and everything that you girls did as children as adults and make it worth it. Enjoy her wedding, watch her look like a goddess and bless her with all that you have. Finally, few more moments to go for your bestie to get married. From Miss to Mrs…!!

May this friendship last for a life-time, This is my wish for all the friends out there. Frame every moment, these moments are special and have emotional values. Pictures never change but times do.

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By Shagufta Rahaman.

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