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Technology Free Honeymoon destinations


Going for the honeymoon, you need some privacy and need a break from all the office meeting, work, relatives and family. There are many such places across the world that will give you what you want.Been on a honeymoon vacation, the wife should be your priority and you pay full and complete attention to her or vice-versa.

Shaadimagic is here to take you to some of the exotic places in the world which are not only romantic, but will also let you disconnect from the rest of the world! Here are five technology free honeymoon destinations where you cannot connect with the world, but with each other.

Florida – Little Palm Island Resort and Spa

Florida - Little Palm Island Resort and Spa

This place in Florida is only accessible by boat which will, by entering the resort, you will feel the luxury at its best. The resort has 30 thatch-roofed suites with technology free like no TV, phone connection or network and radio, but is fully equipped with world class intimate places like a hot tub bath for just two of you, private sun deck and outdoor showers! After spending the entire day with scuba diving, Kiteboarding, deep-sea fishing or simply chilling the freshwater lagoon pool, getting back to the room will surely be one of the best thing to relax and cuddle.

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Mexico – Haramara Retreat

Mexico - Haramara Retreat

The resort has 15 palapa-style cabins which does not even have electricity, Yes, you read it right! These cabins do not have electricity to spark the bulb, but will definitely spare the love between the two of you. The room is lit entirely by oil lamps and candles, which give a soothing and relaxing and of course, romantic environment. You can also relive your worries posturing by going stress free with a yoga or meditation class inside one of the open-air pavilions, which have 360-degree views of the Pacific. Wow!

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Belize – Blancaneaux Lodge

Belize - Blancaneaux Lodge

If you two wanted to get lost, secluded or disconnected, head to this place for some fun! It is a 20 guest quarters without any electronics and gadgets like TVs or phones and have two honeymoon cabanas with plunge pools and front-and-center views of the Privassion Creek waterfall. Just book your dinner table for a romantic date at the Rice Hut, a private pagoda built beside the river. You can also try dining out at other places such as the main restaurant, equipped with a wood-burning pizza oven.

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Bahamas – Tiamo

Bahamas - Tiamo

Tiamo means “I Love You” in Italian and is a perfect destination for your honeymoon where you can express openly to her. Time has 10 solar-powered cottages which are completely unplugged while the pool, cottages have a honeymoon-approved outdoor hot tubs facing the surf.

Australia – Bamurra Plains

Australia - Bamurra Plains

This resort in Australia borders with Kakadu National Park and the Mary River flood plain. Of course, it is a technology free honeymoon destination, therefore, there will be no TVs, telephones or Internet access, but there are many other attractions like spotting cross and wallaroos on bush treks, air boat rides and open-top safari drives. It has nine eco-chic bungalows that sit at top timber stilts and sport floor-to-ceiling mesh walls for unobstructed access to the bush’s unique sights and sounds.

If you are also looking to get disconnected from the world, head to these places for your honeymoon. After months of stressful preparation for the wedding, you need to relax and enjoy each other’s company and places like these will give you a complete relaxation time.

Tell us in the comment section below which one is your favorite place for the perfect honeymoon on your next trip.

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