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Take the honor to celebrate ‘#motherhood’


There is a motherly side engraved inside every woman’s heart showcasing her motherhood. You can find your motherhood in various forms, depends where you find it. The first time I took a look into my mother’s eyes, I just wanted to be like her, at times I just did not want to be like her and there are times now that I feel, it is impossible to be like her. There are so many questions, answers, confusions and so many things that goes around in her mind and she will never tell you. Her unseen sacrifices are more than you see, the scars that you see are very minimal than the ones you gave her. Your mother will never show you what she feels.

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She is a very strong woman, more than you, I, your father or your family could think off. Every little step you take and the times that you succeed, it is all because of this lovely woman. Take a moment, sit around and flash back to all the beautiful memories she has given you- Your Mother as your Best friend, Guide, Cook, Doctor and the list is just never ending. What have we given back to these beautiful ladies? You will be a mother one day , or going to be one, think about this “label”. The process is a beautiful change, it is vibrant, powerful and just out of the world. The choice of being a responsible  mother is very difficult, all your bad habits are her fault, your good deeds don’t see her contribution.

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Today, ShaadiMagic doesn’t want to tell you what your mother is all about, or how great her performance has been as a mother showing her motherhood feeling. We are NO ONE, we want to just celebrate the essence of being a mother. That mother can be a careless mother, a single father, a mother to a homeless, a mother to a dog or an orphan. It can be your elder sister or anyone who is as good as your mother. We want to salute the beauty with which they can do anything with so much ease, their actions speak much louder than the words. Let’s celebrate the stitches you got from your pregnancy, the extra weight, mood swings and all the hardships that you have put in to bring up every child that is born and is going to take birth.

Source- Arial website

Let us take the honor of celebrating ‘ Mother’s Day. ’ Let us all believe the woman we have inside in any form. Let us all thank god for one thing that is as true as death, the power of a mother’s blessing. Every mother needs recognition, not for her devotion but for the woman she is!!

Source- Titan Raga

Happy Mother’s Day to every woman out there!! Be the mother every father would never imagine off…. Be the mother every child could dream off. Be the mother you always wanted to be like.

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By Shagufta Rahaman

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