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Tahiti – An Archipelagic Honeymoon Spectacle


Tahiti is a French overseas country and it is also called as Otaheite. It belongs to the island group of French Polynesia. Tahiti is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. The island is divided into two regions. The north-western part is Tahiti Nui and the south-western part of Tahiti Iti.

This island is beautifully surrounded by coral reefs and it was formed by volcanic eruption. Tahiti was initially inhabited by Polynesians.

By 1880, the island was proclaimed as a colony of France. Apart from the Polynesians, the island sees a large number of European and Chinese population.

Tips And Advice’s:


The official currency of Tahiti is CFP Franc and equals to 0.64 Indian Rupee and should help plan a perfect honeymoon.


Tahitian is the indigenous language spoken in the island. Austral, Marquesan are other languages spoken locally in the island group.

Time Zone

The Tahitian island nation is 15 hours and 30 minutes behind India. One must be prepared for some serious jet lag after the trip.

Best Time To Visit

Winter is pleasant and slightly humid and happens to be the best time to visit between November and April. The summers are highly humid and unbearably hot.

Getting Around

Tahiti does not have much of local transportation. Boats, buses and taxis are pretty frequent. With a proper license people can even hire cars and go around the place.

Must Go Places:

Mount Ronui

It is the best place for a beautiful mountain hike in Tahiti. With some splendid overview of the island from atop the hill it is a place where one can feel literally on top of the most beautiful place in the world. It takes two days to complete the hike with 2 shelters along the way and the end result is what one needs to look for.

Musée de Tahiti et des Îles

It is located in the village of Punaauia on Tahiti is one of the most interesting attractions in the archipelago. It is known to preserve the much talked about Polynesian culture and heritage for the world to know.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Papeete

This cathedral in the town is Papeete is of great historic and cultural significance in Tahiti. The structure which was brought up in the 19th century is architecturally glorious and was built by the Roman Catholic population in the island.

Cascades de Faarumai

cascades de Faarumai is a hike that leads to the three most gorgeous waterfalls that one will ever witness in Ha’apūpuni, Tahiti. The secluded setting provides a serenity that is rare to find these days. Couples are bound to enjoy this place very much.

Things To Do:

Do everything that has to do with the sea. Tahiti is the best place to swim, surf and snorkel and be one with the natural water resources. Bask in the sunshine and get beautifully tanned along the beaches of Tahiti Island. Visit the wilderness and go on unusual hikes.

Food To Try:

Fresh seafood is something that one shouldn’t miss while in this gorgeous island. Mahi-mahi, tuna are some marine stuff that everyone should definitely try while in Tahiti.

Poisson cru is claimed to be the national dish of Tahiti and it is so for a reason. It is raw red tuna marinated in lime juice, like a ceviche.

Hima’a is another classic Tahitian dish that tourists love. Hima’a are South Pacific culture were food is cooked in underground over where banana leaves are used for cooking traditional feasts.

Major Festivals:

Apetahi Raid is a race in the awareness of Apetahi, a flower whose numbers are slowly declining. This event takes place in December and sees a lot of participants.

Hura Tapairu is an event that marks a high spirited competition between various cultural dance groups in the month of November.

Christmas is also celebrated with great enthusiasm as the cities spring alive in colours and lights right from mid December.

Famous Places To Stay:

Le Meridien Tahiti is a 5 star paradise hotel in Tahiti that sees a large number of tourists every year for its high reputation despite the highly priced rooms.

Pension De La Plage is a 3 star hotel which comes at an average price and is comfortable enough for a lovely stay in Tahiti.

Hotel Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort is frequently visited by tourists well known for its beach view rooms, the spa experience and the restaurants that are noteworthy.

Itinerary Ideas:

Arrive at Papeete International airport and spend a day to recover from the jet lag and local sightseeinfg. Hike along the Fautaua falls on the second day of your trip and then go about visiting one by one of the rest of the magnificent islands. Transfer to Moorea on the third day and spend at least two to three day here, which is a heart shaped island that will steal your heart. Then get set to visit Bora Bora the crystal clear and incredibly lovely island and spend a couple of days. Your last stop before heading back to Papeete should be Tahaa which brings out the French Polynesian effect of your visit to Tahiti.

Average 10 Days Honeymoon Package:

A Tahitian holiday for 10 days would cost about 1.5 to 2 lakh for two people which include packages that have a 10 days cruise trip which is the best way for island hopping. These packages are the best one can get as it includes stay, food and sightseeing and is economical for a honeymoon couple.




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