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Convertible Jewelry- The Choice Of The Smarter Bride


Convertible jewelry is something we all know about, but vaguely. As the name suggests it is many pieces of jewelry in one or one piece of jewelry which can be broken into many.
Since jewelry be it diamond or gold or stones is expensive to buy and definitely an investment it is always ideal to go for such smart buys. After all, who wouldn’t want to make the best of what they have? Let’s know more about convertible jewelry and how to use it for brides have a heavy time buying and then safekeeping the jewelry.

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What is convertible jewelry?

Convertible jewelry is all about technique and craft. It is a piece of jewelry that can be broken down to make other pieces of jewelry and can be clipped back again to original form.
It doesn’t matter if you get your lofty pendant customized or buy s simple Rs 3000/-  already customized bracelet cum chain. What matters is how you make the best use out of it!

convertible jewelry

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How Brides Can Use it?

Brides usually buy and convert expensive jewelry like diamond and precious stones because obviously, you don’t buy such often unless you are Mrs. Ambani! So the catch here is that you buy it in such a way that the convertible pieces are more, varied and of more use to you.

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convertible jewelry

Convertible jewelry is a lot more than just cost efficient. It is one styling accessory that can be used in many ways without anybody even understanding what happened!
For example, instead of buying a set of pendant and diamond earrings why not buy a convertible neck piece that breaks up as diamond earrings and a pendant to go along?

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convertible jewelry

The above convertible jewelry piece is not only a heavy gorgeous diamond necklace, but also breaks up into two diamond bracelets or payals, a pair of earrings and a pendant that can be paired with a simple sleek gold chain!

This is an ideal choice for brides since this saves them a lot of money, adds creativity to their dressing, and best of all saves the time and pressure of safe keeping them in case of robbery! If something had to go it will be one and not everything.
So dear brides, chose smartly and invest in creative and out of the box ideas like these to ensure that you not just sustain but also maintain your jewelry for life time to come.

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By Arushi Tyagi

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