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Songs That Should Totally Make The Wedding DJ List


Admit it! Everyone one you reading this post has gone to a wedding and dozed off because of their crappy song selection! The DJ is like your saviour. Especially when you’re in a wedding where you don’t even know the bride and the groom’s name! This dhamakedaar list of songs will make you love weddings just for the awesome DJ list.

Sangeet is the one amazing idea that North Indian weddings gave to the world! Tap your feet and shake your booty to these evergreen bollywood numbers.

Maahi Ve

maahi ve dj list

There is no point in having a wedding that doesn’t feature this song. With all the ingredients for a perfect bollywood wedding song, this one is an all time favourite.

The King of romance, Shahrukh Khan, grooving to Shankar-Ehashn-Loy is a treat to watch and hear. Break a leg to this peppy number from Kal Ho Na Ho.

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Ainvayi Ainvayi

ainvayi dj list

A fairly recent song that was surprisingly so great that it’ll probably be requested to play on loop. Awain awain is the perfect dance number for any Indian wedding. It breaks language barriers and makes people involuntarily groove to its jumpy tunes.

Become a “chai mein dooba biscuit” with this song!

Bole Chudiyan

bole chudiyan dj list

No surprises here! The classic bollywood wedding song that has seen all kinds weddings from the 2001. And it is still ruling the charts.

The graceful voices of Alka Yagnik and Sonum Nigam will bring out the Madhuri Dixit in you! Be the DJ who plays this song and become the crowd’s favourite.

Yeh Ladki Hai Allah

yeh ladki dj list

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham is the movie that gave Indian weddings its due respects like it actually deserves. This fact is proven by the number of songs from that movie that made it to this list.

Subtly flirt with “that” hot stranger guy in the wedding crowd as this one gets played!

What better way to drop a secret message than to dance it out and stelathily look at them lip syncing to the lyrics?!

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Badtameez Dil

badtameez dil dj list

Pritam found the youth’s heart and struck a bull’s eye with this one. It is undeniably the best peppy number that came up in the recent past. This number is capable of bringing even the shy ones in the lot to the dance floor.

Because Amitabh Bhattacharya pens it right

“Ayaashi ke one way se khudko
Modna jaane naa
Kambal bewajah sharam ka
Odhna jaane naa”
It teaches you to seize the day ‘cos you only live once!

Gandi Baat

gandi baat dj list

If you want to dance till you literally drop, pump up the speakers to a little Gandi Baat. Because it is time to get dirty and do some sexy carefree dancing.

Can’t dance? Who cares, just get on with the crowd and go wild!

Its time to rethink your DJ list! This wedding season, let your hair loose and go crazy with these dance worthy number. Time to go find those dancing shoes, ‘cuz hey there’s a wedding in town!

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