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Some untold secrets about Mascara


A must finishing touch to any kind of makeup is mascara to get that perfect eye makeup. Without which any makeup is incomplete plus the attractive feature of the face, the eyes look dull too. To get the best out of any makeup product, one should know a lot about it, be it mascara. Considering the fact that we all do not know everything about makeup, tips mentioned by us can surely help you on how you should be using mascara while applying to make your eyes look the most attractive one.

It doesn’t last forever

Mascara has expiry date too

mascara does expire. Yes, I know it’s surprising a fact but it does. The average life span is about 3-5 months after which one should switch to new mascara for sure. Otherwise you are risking bacterial infections and obviously, no one will want anything like that. Right? Keep trying new mascara range to fall in love with the best one as per your lashes.

No one formula for all

Different Mascara for different eyelashes

Not all women know the right mascara for their eyelashes? There are many who use the wrong mascara for their eye lashes. If you take little interest, find a perfect formula, which will suit your eyelashes appropriately. You have long and thick lashes? Then Volume is the perfect mantra for you. To find out your perfect mascara is that simple.

Applying on top of your lashes work too

To get the best and maximum results, applying on the top of the lashes as well as with the bottom works well. After the bottom lashes, close your eyes and sweep the mascara wan on the top and bottom pulling through the length of the lashes to avoid any clumps and to add on to the effect for a beautiful eye.

No for waterproof mascara, Everyday

Using waterproof mascara everyday isn’t advisable, as it cannot be removed easily. The continuous tugging at the lashes can make them weak and eventually to fall off. So better don’t go waterproof with eyelashes all the time.

Say no to smudge

Don’t worry about the mascara stains on the eyelids with as with a simple idea of placing an old business card or a plastic spoon on your eyelids just above the lashes. This will help the excess mascara to go on the business card or spoon and avoid any smudging giving you that perfect-finished eyelashes.

Lift your face with Mascara

Putting on mascara enhances the face is a proven fact. It not only gives definition to your eyes but also makes them prominent feature of your face, making the cheeks lifted up and brightening the overall look. 

The Perfect Mascara for you

With different kind of eyelashes for each individual, one needs to figure out what suits you eye lashes the best. With different variety of mascara available in the market, the task has become pretty easy. You want to lengthen or curl? Give volume? Whatever is your need; there is mascara in the market available for you.

We hope we have put an end to your confusion with respect to the usage of mascara. Go shopping for the best mascara to flaunt your eyes beauty and kill everyone through your beautiful eyes around you. For sure, the attraction of the girl is through her eyes.

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