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ShaadiMagic Q&A Forum: All About Sex Issues


When they say ‘Sex is an Art’, it is a true fact. The art to do it right makes it turn into a perfect night. Having known this art completely has never been anyone’s story, there is new thing to learn everytime you go through an intimate night with your lover.

Having said that, we have been getting many sex related queries and we thought to pen it down so it not just help the one but everyone else too.

ShaadiMagic has list some common issues one has or might have in future in relation to sex. 

Here we go–

What can I do to get our sex life back to where it was before my wife gained baby weight?



We suggest “choreplay”- the new foreplay for new mommies and daddies. 
We’d answer your question in two layers:
First – the weight. Yes, it is here to stay for a while. Remember, your wife’s body has gone through a tremendous physical and emotional change during (and after) the pregnancy. Make her feel beautiful. Buy new lingerie – of her new size. Gift her a spa-day. There are too many things one can do. Women find it difficult to ‘feel’ beautiful and sexy with their new weight change.
You make her feel comfortable as well as encourage her to have healthy exercise regimen to shed those extra pounds!
Second – the chores! The lady probably has all her day occupied with the baby and things around the house , plus there is getting up frequently in the night to nurse the baby etc. When you indulge in “choreplay” – help her with things around the house, she will not only feel appreciated and supported but will also get some rest and free time, which is a benefit for you. Now, that is an opportunity for you to score.

– I have heard that most women don’t ejaculate during penetration but fake orgasm. I am about to get married and want to know how can I know if my wife is faking?


Women + Fake ‘O’ = Jittery Partner!
We understand how you feel. We give you few pointers that shall help you recognize if she is faking it:
·       If you are really surprised by how ecstatic she feels
·       If she is uncharacteristically silent afterwards
·       If she is uncharacteristically chirpy afterwards
·       If she is immediately ready to go back to chores
·       If she is really uncomfortable discussing /watching things on faking orgasm

So, when you have recognized that she is faking it, what next? Ask her wildest fantasy during a pillow talk and then make it come true!

– It takes my wife a lot of time to reach to the climax and I of course feel exhausted by than. What can I do best so that we both cum together and have the pleasure?

Study shows that women can take 15 to 40 mins to orgasm and yes, this may tire you off. The solution to this is a longggger foreplay. Now every couple really needs to define what foreplay for them would be. Is it hugging, kissing, nibbling and undressing? Or, is it sharing a joke and laughing together?
The best sex – the one that makes both partners orgasm together – starts much before the clothes are off. Indulge in whispering sweet nothings, when she is naked – tell her she looks beautiful, be sensuously tender on her – these are powerful tools! And don’t miss ‘going down on her’!

– My girlfriend says her clitoris is too sensitive for multiple orgasms. How can I keep her going?

Marriage and Sex

The clitoris, possessing over 8,000 nerves ending (twice as many as a penis has) is the undisputed powerhouse of the female orgasm. This clitoris has the undenying ability to produce multiple orgasms only if kept pleased. Here’s how you can do it—->

·       Digital Stimulation – Stroke your fingertips over her outer labia and exploring the soft and gentle areas between the legs and labia. Now move to the target – in a circular movement above the clitoral hood using your thumb. Insert your finger inside her and make ‘come here’ movement inside her (her G-Spot) while stimulating with your thumb. See, for yourself what happens next!

·       Lip Service – Yes, the tongue is mightier than penis (sometimes). Position yourself perpendicular to her, kiss her vulva and move your tongue up and down her clitoris. See her burst into another round of rhythmic orgasm and enjoy together.

– Why is vacation sex always better? How can I have incredible, mind-blowing sex at home?

Vacation time means off goes the stress and worry, off from technology like mobile phones and laptops too. Vacation sex is always awesome because your Amygdala – the part of your brain associated with stress and worry – needs to deactivate for you to climax. Time away from routine releases Dopamine(pleasure hormone) which plays pivotal role in arousal.

So, if you want to have ‘fakation’ and incredible sex at home, dim the lights, light some candles, play soft music, ask or offer a massage to your partner and simply be a dream man for her. Make sure no one disturbs you – turn off that phone of yours.

“Turn the world off to turn your  partner on…”

– How come women can have multiple orgasms, but men can’t?

Actually, men can!
Traditionally, ejaculation and orgasm mean one thing.   Men are capable of having orgasms without ejaculating. Ejaculatory control (Kegel exercises)  is what makes it possible for lovers to capture and extend the magical energy of orgasm. By holding back, men can experience a series of “mini-orgasms”.  This doesn’t mean that you are never to ejaculate, but you control your climax.

We hope we solved some of your issues which you were not able to be open about. Comment/write to us with what more issues you are facing while performing sex and we will help you out. 

Have a Happy Sex Life!

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