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Sex And The Beauty


Most people seem to think that sex is something for pleasure only. There are, however, many other benefits of sex. SEX, A word enough to catch a lot of attention, you may just forget everything and pay out your attention to this. Some of you didn’t actually know about these beauty related benefits sex offers. So if you haven’t had sex for a long time, and are looking for reasons, then these reasons might encourage you to have sex. Sex has many beauty and skin related benefits which, you all should know about. Come on let’s check these out with ShaadiMagic.

  1. Make your skin wrinkle free


Now a day’s even younger people have wrinkled skin. This is due to their lifestyle, their odd sleeping schedule, and their unbalanced diet. Sex can help you to achieve your dream of having this tighter and wrinkle free skin. While performing sex many biochemical reactions occurs in your body that affects your skin to the good.

  1. Cures Acne & Blemishes :

Now, Say bye-bye to acne curing face products and medicines if you are using them, you should know about this benefit of performing sex, sex helps to open the closed pores on your skin which are the major cause of acne. Now when you are having sex regularly you need not to waste your money these beauty products.

  1. ADDS A HEALTHY GLOW :                                                               

If you are a face concerned person and wants to have a super glowing face, Well sex would help you out with this too! As you are releasing sweat during the intercourse which is actually removing toxins off your body and making your skin more radiant and glowing.

  1. Makes hair shiny :

Prompted from those long shiny hair advertisement? I’m sure you too wants to have shinier hair, knows everybody hair are a major characteristic related to beauty. Don’t you worry, just add sex to your life more often and have those super shiny, super cool hair. Sex increases the estrogen level in a female which is a major way to add shine to your hair.

  1. Keeps your body toned and fit :

Who doesn’t know that sex is a good exercise? To keep your body fit and mind healthy one should do running exercise etc says all. Sex is an exercise which gives you pleasure plus gives you surplus of benefits then why not have sex? Sex keeps your body toned so, if you are a person who is concerned about self’s physique and health than sex is a good option for you. Sex and the beauty benefits.

After reading all these points, the next time when you plan out to have sex, feel better because sex is also providing you these benefits.

If you know more such benefits of sex feel free to comment/post. Suggestions are always welcomed by ShaadiMagic 

Stay beautiful & healthy.

Have an exciting sex life!

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