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Set Sail To Seychelles For Your Honeymoon


Seychelles, officially the Republic of Seychelles is a country in the midst of the mighty Indian Ocean off East Africa. It is a group of 42 islands, each one of them breathtakingly beautiful.

Deciding on the right location to have the best time right after your marriage is very important. Sure you will get oppurtunities to travel later but honeymoon will always be special. To answer the question where, let me recommend this East African archipelago, Seychelles. People are going gaga over it, lets find out why.

If you’re a nature person who loves being underwater or on its shores, Seychelles is the place to visit. With numerous beaches in the cluster of a 115 islands lie the greatest of coral reefs, the rarest of animals and the best of nature.

ShaadiMagic is here to take you through the best of Seychelles and why it is the most magical location to visit on a honeymoon.

Tips And Advices:


A day 10 visit would be the ideal time to be spent in this island group. Plan your time accordingly to have the best tine in Seychelles. Walk around falling in love with the local beaches and try out the local activities on the first few days. Then sail along the brilliant archipelago capturing every sight that you can. Take a break to simply get sun tanned with a beautiful skin to return home with alongside your partner. Go fishing in the wonderful waters of Seychelles and cook your prize with pride. Finally try out the best of underwater experiences in Seychelles like you’ve never done before.

Budget check

Travel on a budget? You can if you place well before you head out. Keep an eye on what you’re spending on and you should be fine. But it’s definitely worth every penny that is put in watching the Indian Ocean sweep your feet as you feel the touch of nature.

The currency of Seychelles is Seychellois rupee. 1 INR equals to 0.21 Seychellois rupees, a fact that makes people to get carried away. But nevertheless is important to spend decently to have a hassle free holiday.

It is possible to find the best honeymoon packages which range from INR 45,000 to INR 1,00,000 for a 10 days and 9 night stay at this divine location with your partner. A lot of interesting packages include accommodation, food and travel making it the best there is.

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Things to Remember

A few pointers before you head to this paradise island.

Carry your sun cream, toiletries, mosquito repellent, which are the basic needs. Find a good accomodation well in advance to avoid hustle.

It should be pretty easy to move around and visit places in Seychelles as the official languages are Seychellois Creole, English and French. The best time to visit this island country is between April and November. Stay out here literally surrounded by sea in later summer and early winter to have the most amazing time in Seychelles.

Travelling in and around Seychelles is also pretty easy as there are buses and for more comfort people can hire cars and see it all. If one has had fantasies about taking a ferry ride, this is the place to do it.

It should be the most pleasant and comfortable of travels since even the time difference between India and Seychelles is only an hour and half.

Must Go Places:

The following are a few among the thousand reasons why you should visit Seychelles:

Walk With The Hawksbill Turtles


turtle seychelles

Turtle walks are becoming as common as horseback riding but it is a totally serene feeling in Seychelles. The hawksbill turtles can be seen diging a hole and laying their eggs in broad daylight unthreatened by natural predators. It is a sight to cherish as you watch the greatest of nature in an unknown land miles away from home.

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Bask In The Midst Of Anse Intendance

anse intendance seychelles


This beautiful beach in the middle of Mahe makes it a gorgeous site. Anse is for the unhindered souls out there who want to swim and fly without barriers. It can be a little rough and risky but with the right precautions, this one is a love. Sunbathing and photographing are the two famous activities here.

Pick up your camera for some picturesque shots are your partner basks in the sun.

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Morne Seychellois National Park


national park seychelles

Touted to be the largest National Park in Seycelles. Morne Seychellois, the highest point among a chain of mountains borders the lush greenery. A good hike along the mighty peaks should lead the hikers to Baie Ternay and Port Launay Marine Parks. Both of them are equally endearing.

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Visit The Magnificient Capital Of Victoria


victoria seychelles

Port Victoria is the capital of Seychelles, named so after the British queen who was cornated here. Seychelles National Botanical Gardens, the greatest of tourist attractions of the country lies in the middle of the capital. With a mix of the most exotic flora and fauna, it definitely deserves the credit that it gets.

Port Victoria could be your last spot a bunch of adrenaline coursing activities in the rest of Seychelles with your partner. While you’re there, also catch a glimpse of the Big Ben from London’s look alike, the clock tower.

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Beach And The Birds


bird island seychelles

Bird Island, as the name suggests sees almost 1,500,000 migratory sooty terns between May to October. It almost looks like every inch of the island is covered by these little creatures. Mynahs, giant land tortoises, crested terns, can also be sighted here.

Adore The Sight Of Aldabra


aldabra seychelles

Aldabra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and happens to be the largest coral atoll in the world. Watch the Central lagoons forming mushroom shaped pinnacles making one marvel at nature’s many facets. Aldabra is home to 20000 giant tortoises and this number is five times as many as the ones seen in Galapagos.

Things to Do: 

If you’re a natural lover and someone who wants to stay away from the hassle of city life and traffic, Seychelles would prove to be heaven.

Island hopping, hiking, rare sightings of fellow Earthians, the secluded beaches, exquisite cusine, underwater activites, what more do you need for a perfect honeymoon! Plan a surprise visit to this archipelgo and win your spouse over with the most beautiful romantic getaway.

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Major Festivals:

For people who are into festivals and celebrating it the Seychelles way, these are some of the festivities that you can be part of.

Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria is the most famous festival in Seychelles which sees the country come alive in the month of February. It is an annual event taking place in Mahe highlighting the cultures of the country.

Another fun and exciting festival is SUBIOS Underwater Festival in the month of October taking place in Beau Vallon is about conservation of life and diversity underwater.

Famous Places to Stay: 

Seychelles has both luxury and comfort budget friendly places to stay in.

Banyan tree Seychelles is one of the best places to stay while in the county. This gorgeous accommodation is right in the lovely outskirts of Mahe and its beautiful beaches.

Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove is the place to be if you are looking for a luxury stay during your time in Syechelles. With a private pool to air conditioned double bedrooms it has everything.

If you’re not into luxury but more into just comfort, try out the North Island. It is a beautiful place that will easily attract beautiful people. With tree houses and walkways suspended, have a lovely time amongst it all.

Food To Try:

Unleash the foodie in you while in Seychelles

Try out the most amazing local cuisine in Seychelles and say no to the conventional. Don’t leave the island until you’ve tried Creole, an Asian, European and African fusion food. Red snappers are a must try when one is in Seychelles. Knock on any local restaurant’s door to try their noteworthy grilled fish.

As for the desserts, since the land is laden with coconut trees, treat your taste buds to ladob banann, banana in coconut milk.



Image Courtesy: Google/Pinterest. ShaadiMagic holds no copyright for Images.

By Nivedha




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