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Quick Tips for a Budget Honeymoon Infographics


After all the tiring wedding week or month, it time to relax! You need know more about your partner and spend some quality time with him/her away from all the hussle and bussle of the city and family/relatives. Honeymoon is one such thing where you spend some time with your partner and yourself.

Tips for a perfect Honeymoon with Infographics

Today, Shaadimagic will give you some tips on how one can enjoy themselves after all those functions and ceremonies. Even if your are looking for a budgeted honeymoon idea, then this article will surely help you in some way or the other.

When we hear “Honeymoon”, we usually forget about the expense and go with the tide of excitement without even giving a thought about the cost. Make sure you plan ahead.


Select a location that appeals to both you as well as your partner. Choosing the place make sure you have the most fun together and has a rough idea about it. You can also choose an off-season destination as this will save you a lot. This is due to the fact that during off-season, the hotel and other prices drop drastically. You can also read the brochure of the place online to get a fair idea about the place for any confusion or need know about the place.

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Travel company:

Tips for a perfect Honeymoon with Infographics

Hire a travel company for a hassle free visa and hotel packages. They offer you with good packages which, in turn, save you money all your flights, hotels, food, etc. Moreover, make sure that you tell the agent your likes and dislike or other priorities to make a hassle free travel and stay.

PS:Book the package before as most of time, during wedding season like in India, the run out of good deals and offers and you end up for an expensive deal.


Tips for a perfect Honeymoon with Infographics

Shopping for you honeymoon is one of the exciting thing to do when it come to ladies shopping! Yes, this is because they get to wear all those fancy and super-hot looking dresses and clothes. Before heading for your honeymoon shopping, look for offers or sales discounts. Shopping during sales will be one of the cheapest shipping ever. You will hardly wear those dress for you office or at home. Investing too much on them will be a foolish thing to do. SO, go shopping during the sales.

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Tips for a perfect Honeymoon with Infographics

Make sure you know the weather condition of the place you have selected. Check whether it is a good time to visit during the month you are planning to or not.

Be Flexible:

Tips for a perfect Honeymoon with Infographics

Don’t stick to the plan you have made during your honeymoon period, always be flexible. You can also explore the place more by visiting local markets with your partner and see the romance and bond between the two grow.

Expected Cost: Rs.5,000 to Rs. 40,000 (depends on destination you choose)

Honeymoons are not only about getting intimate, but can also be awesome with fun filled activities too. Take it as a holiday and do all those crazy thing which you and your partner would love to get involved for example, skydiving.  Make it a memorable one  in your lifetime and share your amazing experiences with friends and relatives!

If you are still confused and and is short of money, don’t worry, you can have a look at our cheapest honeymoon destination for more fun. You can also start saving you money from now and for a belated honeymoon on your first anniversary!

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