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Must know about INR 55 Crore ‘Big & Fat’ Wedding


Wedding Season has already begun which means Internet and Social Media will be full of Glam and Sparkling pictures of lavish weddings. Every body makes sure that every wedding taking place is done perfectly, with no stones unturned. But however big wedding you must have attended till now, if you want to know about what really means by “BIG and FAT INDIAN WEDDING’, then this piece will make you realize.

ShaadiMagic is here to give you a glimpse of what is Bomb Phadu, Larger than Life, Bole toh.. Rapchik wedding kya hoti hai :p

The Most Expensive Pandal by Baahubali Team

Must know about INR 55 Crore ‘Big & Fat’ Wedding

Worth INR 55 crore wedding pandal is the venue of the NRI business tycoon’s daughter ,Arathi and Dr. Aditya Vishnu who recently tied the knot.

Video Source: Youtube

Palace recreated by Baahubali Art Director costing over INR 20 Crores

Must know about INR 55 Crore ‘Big & Fat’ Wedding

Inspired by Rajasthani Architecture, Art Director, Sabu Cyril, created this massive and most beautiful set like architecture spreading over massive 8 acres. Nearly 75 days to create this pandal. Isn’t it beyond imagination?

Hold your Breathe and see next!

The Beautiful Bride

Must know about INR 55 Crore ‘Big & Fat’ Wedding

Sparkling with Diamonds only, No Gold.

Shaadi ka Invitation

Must know about INR 55 Crore ‘Big & Fat’ Wedding

The Charming Bride’s luxurious wedding needs to have the most unique wedding invite, which comprises of 3 distinct bespoke boxes, exclusively designed by The Entertainment Design Co. Design by them specially carries the elements of religious devotions like never in the past.

Musical Show by Famous Performers

Must know about INR 55 Crore ‘Big & Fat’ Wedding

Among Massive Celebration, the function was inaugurated by singer Gayathri Bhajans, followed by musical show and dance performances by Malayam sensations Manju Warrier along with Sobhana.

It was a week celebration in Kollam District by Proud Father, Ravi Pillai, worth $2.8 billion, who holds the proud title of richest Keralite by TOI survey this year.

Ravi Pillai Daughter’s Marriage Video

Video Source: Youtube

Big-Fat Wedding Guest Attendees Must know about INR 55 Crore ‘Big & Fat’ Wedding

As the guest list goes on, well-known names that graced the occasion were CEOs of Japan Gas Corporation, Family Members from Royal Lineages of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and also UAE. Even, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy as well as movie stars like Mohanlal and Mammootty were present.

Still not over! It’s big and fat both!

Bade Log, Badi Baatein, Badi Arrangements!

Must know about INR 55 Crore ‘Big & Fat’ Wedding

Chartered Flights were arranged for people like Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad along with the royal family of Bahrain.

At the Lavish Wedding, 250 Policemen and 250 private detail cops were included in the security for the wedding.

Charity to Poor People

Must know about INR 55 Crore ‘Big & Fat’ Wedding

10 Crores as Charity on his daughter’s wedding was planned in Thirvananthapuram and Kollam district as well. Isn’t that great by a person who is shelling so much on the wedding and at the same time, doing a good deed for someone.

The Bigger the celebration, the bigger the cost to dismantle the arrangements

Must know about INR 55 Crore ‘Big & Fat’ Wedding

A Fortnight for a crew of 200 members will be needed to dismantle this huge pandal.

Now, take a deep breathe and wish the newly weds a big congratulations and wishing the best for the future ahead.

Happy Wedding Season!

Image Courtesy: Google/Pinterest. ShaadiMagic holds no copyright for images.

By Khushboo Goel

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