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Must Have Bridal Survival Kit On your Wedding Day


If you are a would-be bride, you must have planned everything in detail for your wedding. But while planning for your wedding, brides miss out one thing which is called the wedding day survival kit!

Yes, a wedding day survival kit is where you have all your necessary things which you might need on the spot on your wedding day like talc (especially during summer wedding), bandage, Q-tip and so on. This handy kit will come to your rescue when you wear a high heel and you have to avoid any blister or when your lipstick becomes messy.

This end- minute survival kit items will save your day not only for the wedding but also for another occasion. It will make a great wedding shower gift to you! Therefore, we at Shaadimagic have compiled some of the items which you might need just in case.


1. Mini sewing kit with scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins works great when the hem of your lehenga suddenly falls apart or when you have the scratch and irritating tags bother you.


2. Tweezers will come in handy when you want to pluck off any stray hairs or splinters.



Must have in Emergency Bridal Kit

3. Baby powder is the best option to carry your kit during hot summer days. Wearing a heavy lehenga on your wedding day may not allow any breathing space for your legs and it can result in rashes due to sweat. Dab a little moisture-absorbing baby powder which will help you feel fresh throughout the function.

4. Extra undergarments also work when the baby powder works.


5. Q-tips & makeup remover will help you just in case your eyeliner runs down due to sweat or you mess up with your lipstick while having a bite of a cupcake.

6. Blotting papers are the best absorbent and will help absorbing shine or oil off your face. Just dab on your face instead of rubbing it.


7. Tampons/panty liners are needed when there is a sudden flow. On the wedding day, brides do get nervous and due to hormonal changes, your start with your period suddenly.


8. Moleskin and Friction Stick will help in preventing blisters when you wear high heels. We sure, you don’t want to stop dancing when it is your special night.


9. Tissues are for those happy tears during your emotional overflow moments during the wedding times or during your bidai.


10. Mini first aid kit with Band-Aids, burn relief, liquid bandages, and antiseptics are for your safety purpose or when you have a headache or body ache after sitting for long at the mandap.

11. Deodorant, just in case you miss out wearing your perfume in a hurry to tie the knot. 🙂


12. Straws avoid any lipstick mess up while hydrating having a sip of water or juice.

makeup for brides

13. Super Glue for fixing shoes, nails, jewellery, etc. because you never know when shit happens!

Makeup Essential for Brides to be

14. Cash is needed just in case you need to buy anything when you missed out any of these things.
Did we miss anything on your must-have wedding day emergency list? Share your tips for getting hitched without a hitch in the comments!


Ask your would-be hubby to put one or two shades of your lipstick in his pocket when you need to do touch up between dances/photo shoots.
Here are some of the emergency things which you can include:

1. L’Oreal Paris Extra Strong Hold Volume Hairspray


2. Nail Care Kit


3. Dove Sensitive Skin Deodorant



4. Listerine Cool Mint Pocket Pack


5. Johnson’s Baby Powder with Cornstarch


6. Olay Fresh Effects Swipe Out Makeup Remover Towelettes


Don’t miss out these bridal survival kits on your wedding, you never know when you might need them.

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