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Must have bridal bags and purses in woman’s wardrobe


So, ladies how many bridal bags and purses do you own? Be honest with yourself! Let’s check in as  bride’s wardrobe and see how many bridal bags and purses do you have and are they really useful?

There might be some bridal bags and purses lying in your closet which you haven’t touched for ages or probably did not even know. Also, you do not want to give it away to someone because it was your favourite bags which you got in sale. The one you use are, of course, in an easy access places, but what about the rest?

We at Shaadimagic, today will tell you some must have essential bridal bags and purses in a bride’s closet for almost every occasion.

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Let’s check out:

Crossbody Bags:

bridal bags and purses


As the name suggest, these bags/purses are must have in every girl’s closet. They are very easy to carry around your shoulder and easy to wear throughout the day. Just cross it over your shoulder and shop as much as you can without tossing your bags every time in your hands. If you want your hands free all the time, crossbody bags are what you need. A perfect bridal wear bag.
There are also available in different fabrics like faux leather, suede, quilted, with flaps and much more.

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Day Clutch:

bridal bags and purses


Also called as the brunch bag, day clutches are for those days when you want to go out only for few hours such as meeting a friend, coffee date etc. You do not have carry many stuff with you always, so it will be an ideal option. A sequined clutch will go well on some occasion like going out with friends at night for few hours. The day clutch will be a perfect accessory for a casual look yet easy on-the-go.
The day clutches are available in different sizes and styles like fold over flap, textured, lunch clutch and so on.

Weekender Bags:

bridal bags and purses


If you are traveling for an important trip or a short holiday, then these weekender/duffle bags will come to your rescue. These big and spacious bags are multi tasking as compared to other bags. You can keep all your important documents, one to two pair of clothing and other small items in one big bag. Other hangs such as the gym bag, the grocery bag, the diaper bag etc, takes lot of space in your purse and just to find one small pen, you have to almost empty the bags to find it. The weekender bags can also fit under your seat on the plane.
Weekender bags are available in all sizes and according to one’s need.

Evening Clutch:

bags and purses

We all love partying and love roaming around the town especially after the sunset. These types of bags are almost everyone’s favorite. You can buy these in only one or two colours in earthy tones that will go well with almost all your evening outfits.
Available in box and fringes type and in wide range of shades.

Tote Bag:

bridal bags and purses

If you are working then go for tote bags to work in style. Opt for a large bag you if have to carry many stuff like tablets, laptops or files and papers. For normal stuff, buy a medium one to carry things like your cellphone, makeup, magazine stash, etc. Purchase a good tote bag in classic colors and forget about worrying about whether your bag match your look or not.

Just For Fun:bridal bags and purses

There are some quirky bags and purses available in market in different shapes, sizes and function. Just choose any shape or structure you like and go out with your friends. You can also buy one for your #LBDs.

If you don’t have these bridal bags in your closet then go and grab your hands in all of these for your every day to day occasion. After all, you must have a good collection bridal handbags. Also make sure you do not keep them lying under your bed, or out of reach places in your wardrobe.
Use them and walk with it like a diva in the town.

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Happy shopping!

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