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Know More About Marriage In India, The Legal Way.


Weddings in India have gained a whole new momentum since the advent of situations like marital rape, dowry, prenuptial etc. What most of the couples do not know is that there are certain laws in India which govern marriage.
It is for our betterment that we know and understand them well.
So Team ShaadiMagic brings to you a little glimpse for you to get started on these Indian wedding laws, and look for not just a bright, but safe future too!

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What is the Hindu Marriage Act?

Indian Marriage Laws

Under the ambit of the Hindu Code Bill, the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, comprises of all the rules and norms to be followed during a Hindu wedding ceremony. Under this act, all the non Muslims, Christians, Jews and Parsi come under it’s purview and are bound to follow it.

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According to Hindu traditions, marriage is a sacred relationships which is not to be insulted by any individual or institution. This act safeguards the ethics and the morals of Hindu wedding and the individuals in it.

Indian Marriage Laws

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Conditions for Marriage

Indian Marriage Laws

According to this law, there are certain conditions which have to be fulfilled for the marriage to be legalised:

  • The age of the male has to be 21 and the female to be 18 years.
  • Both the bride and the groom have to be Hindu.
  • None of them can have a living spouse.

These are the basic and the most important conditions for any wedding to be declared legit under Hindu marriage act. If any of these conditions are not fulfilled, it is considered void.

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Voidable Marriages

Any wedding can be declared void by the court of law if:

  • Either the husband or the wife is unable to bear a child or consummate the marriage.
  • The wedding does not happen with the consent of either of the bride or the groom.
  • The bride is pregnant by the man other than the groom.

In such cases the weddings are called off or annulled by the degree of the law or simply not accepted and the bride and the groom are free.

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Registering A Marriage

Indian Marriage Laws

Registering a marriage is very much important. It gives your wedding a legal existence and is very much needed in today’s time. Marriage can be registered within 30 days of the ceremony and the parties have been living as husband and wife together.

This was pretty much it. So before you go for a wedding, research well about all the laws that you should always know about. You never know, when anything happens!
Team ShaadiMagic wishes you a safe and happy marriage, free from all troubles.

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By Arushi Tyagi

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