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Know How To Wear Floral For Different Occasions!


Your wedding function is not a one day, but many day affair! Every function, be it mehendi or haldi has it’s own charm and equally important. So it is obviously important to dress up right for each one of them.
Here is a guide to dress in floral for your wedding! Since floral jewelry is already taking off, why not floral dresses too.

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For Sangeet

Floral for wedding functions

Sangeet is that part of the wedding when everybody makes merry and is dancing. You obviously need to look nice for this gala night, here, floral cannot be simple, but has to go in sync with the atmosphere of the event. Go for some loud colors in shades of red, green, yellow and golden to stand out nice in the light, and pair it nicely with the right jewelry for the event!

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Floral For Mehendi

Floral for wedding functions

This is the function where not having florals in your attire is a crime!! Be it inspiring cross-border weddings at Pakistan, or back at home floral is an integral part of mehandi where every bride is decked in flowers from head to toe. Since mehendi is one function where you cannot afford to mess, go for some subtle colors like pastels to enhance the glow and not overpowering it at the same time!

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For Haldi

Floral for wedding functions

Haldi has to be subtle, purifying and cleansing of all the functions. Make sure whatever you chose is bright, pure and cleansing in appeal. The color obviously has to be yellow. Go for a crop top and ethnic skirt in floral along with very light jewelry.

Floral For Cocktail or Reception

Floral for wedding functions

This post wedding function is again like sangeet, a gala night but on a little more sophisticated note. Go for evening gowns  in floral with minimum jewelry and makeup to balance the look nicely.

With all these tips and inspiration, if you are soon going-to be a newly-wed then go shopping the right way for your florals!

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By Arushi Tyagi

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