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Is Marriage sex all about just having sex?


When we say marriage, the first that comes to mind of most people is, of course, marriage sex. For men it is like an icing on the wedding cake, built for women it is the culmination of all their expectations like partner, physical desires, babies, etc.

Then why sex is important after marriage? Mostly, when the honeymoon period is over, couples starts fighting about sex. Today, we at Shaadimagic will tell you how sex plays an important role after marriage:

Different Needs

A lot of couples start experience sexual problems in their relationship like sometimes, the man wants more sex and the woman doesn’t. Sometimes, man needs sex to feel close, snuggling and cuddling, but for her, she might believe in foreplay and connecting mentally, but noit just sex!

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Needs Get More Polarised

At the end of the day, she might feel tired and don’t wnat to have sex and thinks sex is not so important, anyway. Sshe might also begins to wonder if there’s something wrong with her for not wanting sex and he also begins to wonder if something’s wrong with him for wanting sex as much as he does.

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Like A Virgin

As the days go by, the couple grows more frustrated and distant. They manage without sex, or end up having bad sex, but great sex seems a distant memory.

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Seven Year Itch

As one nears the seventh anniversary, the “seven year itch” becomes a reality, and one starts looking for excitement outside the marriage like many girlfriends or boyfriends, lots of touching people other than your spouse, cheating big-time, and what not.

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Before A Breakdown

Before your marriage breaks down for the previous reasons, marriage counsellors advice that you veer back to the root of the problem. You guessed right – sex!

Importance Of Sex In Marriage

What makes sex vitally important in a marriage is that it is something that you uniquely share with your spouse, and not with anyone else. Sex is also the one thing that sets you and your spouse from being simply roommates.

Comfort Zone

Sex is so much more than the act. It demands a deeper level of communication that one cannot have with just anyone. Sex creates the necessity of talking to each other about intimate, “emotional” things. You can have a truly intimate experience only if you can tell your spouse where you like to be touched, and why. This requires a comfort zone for both people.

To Love Is To Allow Vulnerability

What to have great sex? Then, get ready to open up and feel vulnerable. Become vulnerable by asking, receiving and giving – sexually. Of course, you can’t do that without reaching a deeper level of trust, where your spouse is sure to respond to and fulfil your requests without judgment.

Talking Sex

Which is why when couples go for sex counselling, they get the surprise advice that instead of focussing on improving the sexual technique or sexual frequency, they should rather focus on making sex – however technique-less or rare it may be – to become an intimate and connecting experience for both. Couples get the advice to stop arguing about sex and to start talking about sex.

God created woman to perform multiple tasks like sexual intercourse, childbearing and nursing etc, but for a man’s sexuality is primarily expressed through sexual intercourse, therefore, one thing that connects the two is only sex!

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