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How to choose your wedding cake


Considerably, the wedding cake is as vital as your wedding attire or wedding decor. It is definitely one of the most significant parts of your entire ostentatious wedding. And the good news is, this is the very first cake you will be slicing together with your better half and feeding each other. Yeah, you can call it a westernized tradition but too bad, we have already embraced it happily!

Choosing your wedding cake can be tricky at times and there are certain points to keep in mind while getting it done.

Wedding cake


So, how much are you actually planning to splurged on your wedding cake? Hell yeah, we need to know this before we proceed. First, the very first step for you would be to visit all your neighbouring bakery stores. Compare the prices, compare the quality or the variety or maybe compare the quantity too. Come on, we need to get the perfect cake so this much bakery hopping is very much needed.

Wedding cake


Yes! The style of the cake is absolutely your call and if you want to, by any chance include your fiance then go ahead. Just make up your mind regarding the style of the cake like, the Theme cake, cupcakes, layer cakes and cheese cakes. It basically depends on your guest list too, like getting a four layered cake for 200 guests is way too much wastage I say.

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Wedding cake


While you do the hopping around bakery session, do not forget to taste the each cake. The taste of the wedding cakes matters big time not the fancy shape or colour. Do not try to experiment with the taste as the cake is the basic dessert every guest is being fed. Keep it simple in taste but yes you can play with your favourite colours.

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wedding cake


A very important note to you! If you guys have somehow planning a destination wedding or an outdoor reception you just have to make it sure that the cake doesn’t have a butter cream batter as it may melt due to the temperature instead, try cake with cream. And, if the wedding is hosted in a grand hall then you can go for frosting or butter cream no issues at all.

Wedding cake

Seek help

Last but obviously not the least; refer to online services (like us) for wedding vendors or cake vendors. They will effortlessly guide you as they have been handling and managing wedding packages as a whole flawlessly and have an accurate idea of the nitty-gritty of a wedding.

It is to be believed that, serving a piece of your wedding cake to the guests, is an honour for the newly-weds, as each piece fed to the guests brings good luck and lots of blessings.

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