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“Have You Ever?”, A Pre-Wedding Game


“Have you ever?” the game that only the brave and the daring opt to play. Forget being conventional, be a rebel in your pre-wedding party. Here’s a game that has the ability to make and break bonds. Everything boils down to that one question that can change your fate, that has the power to have catastrophic consequences.

Sounds a little over dramatic? It will be given the game is played in the situation that I am going to describe.

The night before the wedding, the final few hours of freedom as a spinster, is the ideal time to play this game! Instead of doing it on a drunken bachelorette party, it should be played when both the bride and the groom are in the house!

What is life without a few twists and turns, huh?!

1. Ask The Most Intimate Tid-Bits About Their Life

pre-wedding intimate

Some questions are left unanswered when posed under a serious situation; such questions are best answered here. Shoot away every little detail that you want to know about your to-be life partner. Laugh at your insecurities, swallow and lay bare your fears and let your hair loose for one night.

An ex or an embarrassing story; share it to spice things up. Surely it will bring you two closer than ever.

2. Showcase Your Fun Side

pre-wedding crazy have you ever

Comfort zone is something that is always in the middle. Unless you’ve known each other for quite some time, it is difficult to establish. This will probaly break all barriers and let you show your fun side to your partner.

Furthermore, a little carelessness and a naughty attitude is sure to make you look sexy and appealing in front of your fiancé. It is a great relief to be crazy and retarded once in a while, giving a chance for the other person to prepare themselves for the worst of you!

3. Know Their Deepest Desires

pre-wedding desires

Eventhough you have known your partner to be for a long time, there are things that they are a little shy about revealing. It is especially relevant to break the ice with some well framed “have you ever” questions have them reveal their dirty secrets and fantasies.

In addition to this maybe something quite amazing can be found with these questions. You’ll know how to surprise your husband/wife in the best possible way in the future. Assure your partner that you’ll be with them during thick and think, in sickness and in health. Even if it involves jumping off a 100 stoery builiding (time to learn to enjoy base jumping!), with a parachute of course!

4. Connect At An Emotional Level

pre-wedding emotional connect

Incase of an arranged marriage, then this is the way to know your partner. Superficial relationships never work and it jeopardizes the bond that two people promise each other. Be it a love marriage, one might never know the things that can get unearthed. Finally in the end the couple will realize why being with each other is the right thing to do.

In conclusion, it will teach us to cherish the other person’s company for a long time to come.

Calling a spade a spade! I am not going to say that it is going to be a bed of roses. It may backfire, but at least you got to know before it was too late, right? But if it works out just fine, we’ve a crazy story to tell the generations to come!

Therefore, if not the night before, a couple should definitely consider a healthy (maybe a little dirty) game or “Have You Ever” before they decide to get hitched!

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