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Girls With Long Hair Stop These Mistakes


People with long hair coupled with shiny and healthy locks make other jealous. Of course, why not? But, your long luscious hair, faces many traumas like knotted ends, breakage, and limp curls. And to keep them healthy, you have to take extra care. However, there are some mistakes that every girl with long hair needs to stop right way. So, Shaadimagic is here to tell you what mistakes you are making:

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Detangle dry hair

Long hair unnecessarily tangles anyway. Make sure you do not detangle them while they are wet or just after the shampoo. While applying the conditioner to your hair, try to detangle them by running your fingers.

Using hair spray

Using hair spray make your hair dry and sticky, instead, try using dry shampoo after washing hair. It also adds volume to your locks and make them manageable.


As we have mentioned above that long hair need extra care and therefore, let your hair breathe by letting them loose or open. Making a ponytail regularly will make your roots weak as the sweat or dirt and grime gets accumulated throughout the day. This will lead to breakage and split ends.

While sleeping

Never ever let your hair loose while sleeping. This will further damage your locks by tangling them. Make sure you tie a bun or a loose braid before going to bed. Or go for silk pillow covers if you can’t sleep with your hair tied.

Not oiling

Just like our skin, our hair needs to moisturize in order to keep them healthy. Oiling hair once or twice a week is important for hair and roots to make them strong.

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We understand what all daily problem you go through if you have long hair. So, from now keep these points in mind and take care of your hair and never neglect them.

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