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Team Shaadimagic is back with this two post series on gifts!
Yes, your read it right. It is nothing but our favorite part of the wedding. This winter it is not just Christmas or new year but your entire wedding to look forward to send gifts to your wife, oops your “to-be” wife. Gift stores are full of those cliched gift items that your wife/ fiance probably got her entire school and college and work life. For you to gift her something should be exclusive and that crosses nobody’s mind. To help you with this math, we bring to you a list of some really cool gift ideas for your wife/ fiance that she’ll just fall in love with.

1- Tattoo

taoo image

This may sound a little too much but imagine showing her your tattoo on your first night together. Get her name inked at your nape or ring finger. What should make it special is that get it done in some other language. This looks beautiful and she would definitely have the feeling that you belong to her, and only her.

2- Vintage Hair pin

Vintage Hair pin image

Sounds stupid? Well you better think before you speak. Vintage hair pins can be a really nice gift because all wives love to listen to the story behind the gifts that you get them, and what more could they ask is for that the gift has two stories behind it or maybe more!
Make sure you buy authentic vintage hair pins from an auction or from a vintage store so that you are assured of the quality too.

3- Perfume Casket

perfume casket image result

Every woman loves to have a personal scent and giving her a signature collection specially designed for in those beautiful Victorian era perfume caskets is something next level. This maybe a bit expensive and time consuming but everything pays off when she squeaks with glee.

4- Victoria’s Secret Gift card

victoria secret gift card image result

Well, we believe this is expensive to another level but then every girl drea of having at least one of Victoria’s secret product. Send this to her wrapped in a satin cloth with balloons and sweet note. This will definitely make her day.

5- Spa treat

spa treate image result

Both of you need to relax amidst all the chaos of the wedding and the best way is to give her a spa treat. Yes, send this spa coupon from any good parlor and give her three hours of bliss.

Well this was our best select to give you a thought process hint on what all off beat and edgy gifts you can give you wife/fiance and make her feel special that day. Make sure you put in all your efforts and time to make this happen for her. Start your marriage with this beautiful gesture and trust me on this, happiness will come over flowing forever in this.

By Arushi Tyagi

Picture Courtesy: Google

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