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Gift flowers according to one’s personality


Flowers makes one’s mood happy and lively. They are plenty of them which are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and fragrances. Giving flowers to someone in the form of bouquet or just a single piece is one of the easiest gifts. It can be customised with hundreds of ways and style.

Before you give a flower or a bunch of them to your special one’s, select flowers carefully according to one’s personality and mood. Don’t worry, Shaadimagic, will guide you and tell you how to select the right flower for the right person in your life on Valentine’s Day.

NaturalGift Flowers according to one personality

If the person is a casual, loves nature, earthy and loves to stay outdoors will love flowers in natural shades like green flower or a green plants, meadow flowers and some woodsy or moss fragrances. It will be best for his/her personality.

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Gift Flowers according to one personality

Shades of soft colours with light fragrances such as light pink coloured roses when tied with a lace or a nice ribbon will make them instantly happy and will lift their mood. Theses people are generous, spontaneous and extravagant and will suit their romantic nature.

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Gift Flowers according to one personality

People who love to talk on personal betterment and who are attracted to the unconventional, such as new age to the arts will love exotic flowers with unusual combinations of shape, color and texture. These flowers will match their creativity and artistic nature best.

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Gift Flowers according to one personality

If the person who is trustworthy, family oriented and like classic styles, give them a great variety of flowers in abundance. They appreciate tidy, symmetrical arrangements with a variety of some nice flowers.


Gift Flowers according to one personality

Monochrome bouquets with large vibrant flowers will attract them the most. They are the person who cutting-edge trendsetters and enjoy living in the moment. They love to be the center of attraction and dramatic too.

Before you head to any flower shop, make sure you know the person well like:

His/her favorite colors.

His/her flowers.

His/her hobbies.

The occasion you want to give.

Kind of message you want to convey.

If you are still confused, you can consult the florist and surprise them with lovely and beautiful flowers. If not, keep the above tips in mind to give flowers according to one’s personality to your family and friends.

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