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Get Ready For Your Date


First or frequent ones, dates are always special to you. You start getting goosebumps when it comes to dates with your boyfriend/fiance. You often throw a tantrum when you feel like you are not properly dressed. One more plus point of being well dressed at your date is that you can thoroughly enjoy your moments with your partner, without worrying about your looks. After reading this, you might feel a bit relaxed‚ because we through ShaadiMagic are going to give you some tips on how to get ready for your and his day, your DATE!

  1. Take a bath and be fresh:

    Get ready for your date tip 1: Take a nice bath

After taking a bath you’ll not only feel fresh, but also you’ll feel relaxed and your mind will be free to enjoy that beautiful time. Also, it’ll help to fix your body odor. You can use a mild soap or body wash. Also, wash your hair at least an hour prior to the date and allow to dry them naturally, this will give your hair the appropriate shine & volume.

  1. Wear your partner’s favorite:

    Get ready for your date tip 2: Dress up nicely.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t like what your partner likes, just wear that. It would add a romantic touch to your date. Get your dress ironed before. So remove your cardigan and wear something cool like a party dress or a crop top and jeans or anything that suits you according to your partner. After getting this ready, let’s move to the next tip.

  1. Highlight your eyes:

    Get ready for your date tip 3: Emphasize your eyes.

The eyes are the major attraction in a girl. So, when it comes to your date be sure that your eyes are highlighted, it will persuade your partner to get lost in your eyes. Eye contacts are always romantic! This will make this eye contact thing easier. You can also try the smoky eyes look. You can use an eye liner, mascara & eye shadow and can emphasize your eyes. Also, don’t forget to use a primer so that everything stays set.

  1. Put on a soft makeup:

    Get ready for your date tip 4: Put on a light makeup

Don’t forget you are going on a date, not in a wedding party. So go soft and simple, put on a very light makeup or no makeup if possible. If you are using makeup, then follow this sequence- Concealer, Foundation, and blush. Again, go soft and use a little quantity of these stuff to avoid a heavy look. Now you are almost done.

  1. Make a volume hairstyle:

    Get ready for your date tip 5: Make a fluff hairstyle

Don’t go simple in a case of hairstyle. You can try making a puff hairstyle. Trust me whatever your face cut is, a puff will always suit you. Spritz your hair lightly with a light-hold spray at the roots, tousle a bit with your fingers, and allow to dry for 30 seconds. When you flip back up, your hair will have oodles of volume, and is ready for styling. Do not use the heat method.

  1. Accessorize yourself:

    Get ready for your date tip 6: Accessorize properly.

Any look seems tasteless until you accessorize according to your dress. Match earrings, necklaces and bracelets with your outfit. Apply a decent lip gloss/lipstick on your lips. And also your favorite or his favorite perfume. Now you are almost done, joust a last tip and you are ready to go! So let’s catch that

  1. Use mouth sprays:

    Get ready for your date tip 7: Use a mouth spray.

Last but certainly not the least, don’t you forget to go without using mouth sprays. Catch your breath and check whether you are smelling good or not. Trust me, you’ll thank us for this as this will prove to be the best tip for the romantic moments between you too!

Now you just have to enjoy the cozy moments between you and your partner. Try to bring an essence of romance from the starting and make every second special to remember, Because every second count!

ShaadiMagic wishes you a very exciting date!

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