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For every couple, a true love story is special but theirs is their favorite. For you, true love must be when your partner plans surprises for you or in the middle of the night, get your taste buds satisfied. Or he is there for you to listen to everything or anything. Right?

Here at ShaadiMagic, we will tell you what a true love story is, breaking all the possibilities of the level till what love can go or feel like.

After watching this video, you will start believing completely that love is blind and is without any boundation or restriction. Yes, it is selfless!

For couples who don’t gel up well or thinking of just ending it there or couples who are planning to part ways even after getting married, it is a must watch for you. For you have to realize, you are so lucky and god has been very kind to you to give you the support of the person you love. Respect your relation and forget all the odds to live a happy and loving life/days together.

Watch it to believe it!

Did you ever think that love could be to love the conjoined sisters, Ganga and Jamuna together? Did you ever thought, seeing such cases, that there will be a man who can do anything and everything for their happiness and loving them unconditionally, so selfless that he loves both of them truly at the same time.

Did you thought love can be beyond standing on two feet too but on two hands? And, did you ever though two conjoined sister could have found that love in the same person?

They rightly said ‘God has created someone for everyone somewhere, it just takes time for them to meet’.

Here is suggestion for couples/would-be/ about to separate couples/ couples that fight often:

Life is about living happily with the odds, accepting the change, respecting each other opinions/views and loving each other unconditionally because if there is IF/BUT in a relationship, it is not a true love relation.

Love conquers all odds

Write to us, what you feel about the video and the relationship they share. We would be happy to listen to your thoughts.

Happy Bonding!

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