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Game of Thrones Theme Wedding


I know weddings and Game of Thrones don’t really go well together (if you know what I mean) but true fans cannot resist the appeal of this fantastic show! Set in a fantasy world, Game of Thrones is all things extravagant, magical and opulent. Isn’t that what we always wish for in a wedding? If you’re a fan of the popular series then here’s how you can have a wedding inspired by the show (because we know the inner nerd inside you always wanted a wedding like THIS!)

roamn wedding invitation card


Throw subtle hints at your friends and family by sending them a ‘Save the Date’ invite using the slogan “Wedding is Coming” with the required details. It’ll be more fun if you describe yourself and your family as a Lord or a Lady from a certain house!

roman wedding invite

For the main wedding card, make sure it is written on a long piece of parchment (or paper which looks like that) sealed with the Lannister red wax. If all our wishes could come true, I’d definitely suggest training ravens to deliver the invitations, but I think that’s pushing it.

traditional roman wedding decor

Wedding Fashion Style:

To do complete justice to the theme, the bride and the bridesmaid should be dressed in long, overflowing gowns, loose tresses with braids to complete the look. The groom should be dressed in a black suit with a cape just like John Snow, if black isn’t his colour he can also be the white and golden Jamie Lannister! But if the groom has an envious body, I see no reason why he shouldn’t do a Khal Drogo and turn up shirtless!

traditional roman bridal dress

The brides have lots of inspiration in the form of Daenerys Targaryen if they want to look fierce, Margaery Tyrell if they want to look sexy, Cersei Lannister if being regal is their thang or Sansa Stark if classy is what they want to look like.

game of thrones hairstyle

(make a separate collage of the male characters with the three guys and a separate one for females with the four women)

The Venue:

Go for an outdoor venue like a lawn or a farmhouse that would do justice to the theme and if you settle for an indoor hall, then make sure you decorate it with the right elements such as lanterns, flowers, metal and drapes. To add an extra wow factor, then it’ll be pretty epic if you can arrange for an Iron Throne replica for the bride and groom.

game of throne venue


Game of Thrones is so diverse, popular and overall amazing that getting a cake as per the theme is not a difficult task at all! The tough part is to stick to a choice because there are so many things one can do.

game of thrones wedding cake

The map of Westeros (and Essos if it fits) can be recreated for your cake! There’s another option of having your wedding cake look like the three dragon eggs gifted to Khaleesi, or having the Iron Throne on the topmost layer of your wedding cake! Basically any iconic thing from the show (there are numerous) can be incorporated in your cake. I’d go with the direwolves personally, because House Stark forever!

traditional roman wedding jewellery

Wedding Jewellery

Go all out with dragon shaped ear cuffs, Targaryen motifs on earrings, direwolves pendants, Hand of King brooches and lots more!

For the bridesmaids, groomsmen and the family!

Groom wear Games of Throne

Ask your bridesmaids/groomsmen and immediate family members to dress like Game of Thrones characters of their choice. Make sure everyone decides and informs you or the maid of honour way in advance so that there’s no overlapping! You can also ask the guests to be sporting and follow the theme! Let two guests wear similar outfits though; it’ll be fun to see two Ned Starks bonding over food and wine.

hairstyle at wedding at rome

These measures should be enough for you to have the perfect Game of Thrones wedding, it looks like hard work but it really isn’t. Just don’t invite the Freys, the Boltons and the Lannisters, those guys get weird at weddings.

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