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Funny Words Every Delhi Girl Knows


If you are a Delhiite,then you must be familiar with some of these word or all of them! In Delhi you will meet all sort of people from Bengali to Jaat to Punjabi, and when you listen to any conversation between two Delhi people, you will see a mix of all languages, which gives birth to a new lingo all together.

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Read to to find out which all words we at Shaadimagic talking about, which will surely give you a cramp in you jaws and stomach!

Bhasad: Chaos or a mess

Gedi maarna: Time pass on the streets.

Kaake: A way of calling out to your friend.

Jugaad: A frugal and innovative solution.

Vella: Someone who has no work.

Totta: Sexy!

Chul: An elongated feeling of aggravation.

Kaint: Cool!

Tope: A person who is at a high level.

Cheap: A person who sticks to you for no reason.

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Hope you had a great time reading this! If you enjoyed, do share your other words with us in the comment section below.

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