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Exotic Honeymoon Destinations For Bike Lovers


Honeymoons are not just walking on beaches or gazing at snow-capped mountains or being romantic all day long. You can spice it up a bit. For our adventure lovers, a honeymoon means much more than the typical romancing and Bollywood feels. Rather, romance for them is a blend of adventure and facing into the unknown. If you and your partner find love in a fearless adventure, this is it. Especially if you love the feeling of cool wind on your faces while riding on your super cool Harley or a bullet, along some rough roads, beautiful scenes and dreamy clouds.

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However, finding popular destinations is not easy but we will make your honeymoon a memorable one!

Grand Junction, Colorado

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations For Bike Lovers-ShaadiMagic

It is a dream destination for every bike lover in the world. The Colorado Mountains are famous for their rocky beauty scenes, and also for the amazing adventurous sights in the area. You need not worry there are plenty of lodging options.


Exotic Honeymoon Destinations For Bike Lovers-ShaadiMagic

The Mexico is a brilliant location to see some great sights while riding with your beloved. This place is great for honeymoon trips because the local food, the culture, and the people have amazing warmth in them. The trips are organised at Cozumel, where you can adjust to the local temperature. Then you can go to the Yucatan Peninsula, and explore the historic sites and towns.

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Canadian Rockies

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations For Bike Lovers-ShaadiMagic

One of the most popular destinations to enjoy your honeymoon bike riding to it’s fullest, is the Rocky Mountain range. This place has so much to offer like several guided bike tours and all the places are equally beautiful. You will ride through stunning mountains, towns, lake Louise and so many other spectacular locations.

Leh Ladakh and Kashmir

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations For Bike Lovers-ShaadiMagic

One of the top ten locations in the world, this is just perfect for your dream honeymoon trip. Your journey starts from Ladakh to Manali, and then Kashmir, are some of the most picturesque, romantic and dreamy spots in the whole world. This is a true meaning of a biker’s honeymoon.

National Highway- 17

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations For Bike Lovers-ShaadiMagic

NH-17 is by far one of the best coastal areas in the world! The perfect destination for long road trip for our honeymooning biker couple. The best trip of your life starts from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and going all the way down to Trivandrum, Kerala, this awesome route is best to be explored during the winters. If you have loved waters and the coast, come and enjoy the beach views, this trip is made for you two love birds!

Which place do you think suits best for you and your beloved, for your first adventurous ride as a married couple on your honeymoon?

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By Shagufta Rahaman

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