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Ethnic Wear For Men: From North To South


Be it Shahrukh Khan in Paheli or Sanjay Dutt in Son Of Sardar, all these looks and roles of the well known actors of Bollywood were breathtaking! There’s a whole lot of stuff available online, yet we scroll & search here and there on different sites for a proper article on ethnic wear & styling. Recently, we gave you the idea about the different ethnic wear and styling for woman. But here, we via ShaadiMagic are showing you some ethnic wear for men across different regions of India and how to style accordingly in a very appropriate way. Let’s check out!

Achkan and dhoti in Punjab:
Achkan dhoti

Punjabis are known for living in a king size manner, anyone who has a Punjabi friend would agree, Cool are Punjabis so is their ethnic wear. The achkan dhoti is actually a type of Sherwani which is common in Punjab. Note down the tips on how to style along with achkan and dhoti.

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How to style yourself:

  • Wear a silver kada (A kind of bangle for men).
  • Wear jootiyan as footwear.
  • If you wear a turban, then matching it with the color of your outfit.

Dhoti-Kurta in Rajasthan:

Dhoti Kurta in rajasthan

In Rajasthan itself, there are various kinds of traditional cloths for example, in Bundi part of Rajasthan, men wear Sherwani, But in the Mewer part of Rajasthan the custom is to wear dhoti & Kurta. Generally, men wear dhoti Kurta in Rajasthan. Here are the tips to style yourself along with dhoti-kurta.

How to style yourself:

  • Wear mojris as footwear.
  • Again, Wear a kada in your hand.
  • Wear a Rajasthani-Safa on your head.

Maharashtrian Dhoti:

Maharastrian dhoti

There are many ways in which you can wear a dhoti. Yes, it is dhoti as a traditional outfit which is generally worn by men in India. But there are many different ways to wear it which is generally followed according to the respective culture. The way Shivaji wore his dhoti, is the Maharashtrian way to wear one. Here we give you tips on how to style.

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How to style yourself:

  • Wear the kolhapuri chappal as footwear.
  • You can wear a wrist watch.
  • You can wear a Nehru cap along with a Nehru jacket.

Bengali dhuti:

Begauli dhoti

West Bengal is generally known for its rich culture. When it comes to the Bengali tradition a series of Devdas flashes in mind, right? The dhoti is known as dhuti in Bengali attire. As sweet as the roshogulla, the culture & attire are in Bengal. Let’s check how to style yourself along with the dhuti.

How to style:

  • You can wear a wrist watch.
  • You can wear a fancy chapel or shoes along with this attire.
  • Go as plain and sober as you can.

Mallu Lungi:

Mallu dhoti

Again, lungi is famous in almost every part of the country, but it is worn by the mallu men in a different manner. The mallu culture goes with everything as simple as possible, but looks very fine and elegant. Here are the tips you can follow on how to style yourself with a mallu attire.

How to style yourself:

  • Go as sober as possible.
  • Wear sandals as footwear.

So, lets take an example, you must know Shahrukh Khan and you must have enjoyed his role in Devdas, Paheli and Chennai Express. He does not belong to any of these cultures, but has played a mind blowing role because being an Indian he was comfortable in each and every culture. This shows that we are ONE. Nothing, yes nothing can divide us!

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