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Dulhan waali feeling by Mohey


Mohey-Manyavar, Indian women’s ethnic fashion brand which is launched in 2016, caters to the debonair woman who proudly flaunts her ‘desi avatar’ at weddings, parties and other special occasions. 

Mohey, from the house of Manyavar, launches a fresh face for its latest campaign #DulhanWaliFeeling, and this time its none other than the very vivacious Alia Bhatt.

Alia Bhatt is shown walking down the aisle, thinking of having new beginnings, and having those mixed emotions bubbling up the whole body feeling butterfly in her stomach knowing something new and special is going to happen from that day onwards, but at the same time its making her feel nostalgic to leave her parents being with whom she has stayed her entire life till now and how she would miss them so much. But when she looks at the stage straight in front of her, she sees the person she is going to spend her life from here till the end beyond this moment and starts to feel happy. Thousand of thoughts are spinning in her head about paradigm transformation of relationships and bonding during this new phase.

Being closest to her father she thinks about how she would miss him a lot. Despite of all those emotions running in her mind, she manages to turn around draped in mohey’s beautiful rani pink lehenga and ask about how exquisite she looks and prefer not to cry just because it would ruin her makeup.

For a second she thinks if she is even taken a right choice or not, but as soon as she sees her fiancé standing there with a beautiful smile she knows that this is one of the best decisions she has taken. Looking at her future husband waiting up for her she forgets every emotion and happens to get a big smile on her face.

Not being shy even when she tries to do so is unable to do it and states how it does not suit her and keeps walking with confidence and smile.

Despite of all those mixed emotions and nostalgia show still goes on and the reception takes place in the most beautiful way and happy faces are to be seen.

Introducing Alia Bhatt as the new face would definitely attract the youth to atleast once go through the collection as she has been selected as one of the most influential lady of 2019.

Enter the world of royalty and Keeping to the trends of the present times and yet preserving antiquity and glamour of the past, they showcase Mohey, from the house of Manyavar which unfolds a resplendent array of modish couture for today’s graceful woman.

Marriage is a momentous step for any bride which needs to be made special perfectly. Modernism or not, lehengas are never out of fashion and is one of the first choice to be worn by brides for their wedding which would add class and perfection to their wedding.

 Indian weddings have an essence of togetherness, with so much to do, it’s essential to be comfortable and look great! Thus, it would be right to say that lehengas can be an ideal choice for women at weddings. An occasion of sheer glitz and glam, it would be appropriate to go all out with the fancy look!

This wedding season let us make you get ready in this authentic bridal collection still having the style of modernism which will make you feel pretty inside out and the culture around how women are choosing to get married and how they think about their style is really changing so let’s celebrate this change with mohey’s bridal collection.

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