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DIY Fancy Candles For Gifting Your Valentine


Candles have always been providing us warmth and making the occasions special with its presence. In fact a romantic dinner is incomplete without the natural light and aroma of these pretty candles. Scented fancy candles not only add some good fragrance to your house but also glam up your room’s personality.

DIY stuff are a quiet a rage these days. Actually anything which is made by yourself is quite awesome and useful too, just like these DIY Body Scrubs. So if you are wishing to buy some fancy and unique candles from the stores you might feel a pain in your pocket. So instead why don’t you think about easy DIY candles which you can make by yourself at home that too within a budget?

You can take clues from the below DIY candle tutorials:


If you are a brand loyalist when it comes to Starbucks, we are sure you will love this DIY Starbucks Latte candle. All you will need is some basic candle-making materials.


These unusual DIY candles are quite inexpensive as all you will need is just water and cooking oil instead of wax. The translucency of these candles will bring up a smile to whomsoever you will be gifting it to.

Video Source: DIY Bama


If life is boring, add some glitter to it, if candles are boring glitter them up too. You will really owe us a treat for sharing this beautiful tutorial of making sparkling candles that too for in such less money.

Video Source: Christina


This would be the cutest of all candle making tutorials you might have seen so far. Trust us, you will be left awestruck with these amazing tiny cupcake candles which will make you partner, go all ‘Aww….’

Video Source: Instride


If you already have some pretty wax candles at your house and wish to try out something different, you can go for these no wax candles which can be made without any heating or molding.  Easy, cheap and effective, aren’t they?

Video Source: Lisa Pullano


If you have these unusual candle molds available in your nearby stores, you can find this idea to be very cute and presentable. So next, let the lights go off, grab some coke to light up the darkness.

Video Source: Idunngoddess

These cute DIY candles will surely light up your Valentine’s mood, because it will be having double the warmth. One comes from the candles, second from the person who has made them.

Image Courtesy: Google/Pinterest. ShaadiMagic holds no copyright for images.

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