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Diwali Party Ideas for Newly Wedded Couple


Diwali is that time of the year when everybody comes together in merry and enjoyment to celebrate this festival of lights together. What can be better than playing the perfect host by organising the perfect diwali bash for your near and dear ones?

With changing dimensions of lifestyle in India, many things are changing from the unconventional to the conventional side of the coin. These days festivals are a lot more than just meeting people. They are now about meeting people and having them talk you in front of everyone. Team shaadimagic brings to you a diwali special series of everything related to what should be done and how is it to be done when this festival is around.

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Read along to find ideas of your perfect diwali party!

  1. Pool Party
    Sounds a bit too much? No worries, the sanctity of the tradition shall always remain. Invite your friends to a pool party where in you can have diyas floating at one side of the pool, bar and barbeque on some corner and what better than sitting and talking with your feet dipped in the water.
  2. Poker
    Fun in still incomplete without a little competition. Poker though regarded as a little too much by few people can be given an acceptable meaning is the money won is donated for some cause. Arrange a good sitting area with drinks and snacks, call professional poker makers and off with your game!



  1. Antakshri
    No Indian festival is complete without this game. And to set the tone right, make a good light ambience with floor sitting, paan, hukkah, wine and some light snacks to go along with the mood. Have a boy vs. girls or a couple’s antakshari and sing along the entire night!
  2. Spin the bottle
    This one is a really nice game provided you have players!
    Ohh don’t worry this game doesn’t require you to run around in your finest of ensembles but a game spirit that won’t deter is a must.
    Do nothing, just sit in a circle and spin a bottle. The person on whom the open end points is the one who has to do a dare or answer a question truthfully! This game can be a changer for newlywed couple or maybe to-be couples!
  3. Karaoke Nights
    This Japanese game has definitely deep rooted itself in India and can be played anytime and anywhere. Well there’s a singer inside everyone, why not have a little fun with it!
    Just a projector or good home theatre system would do along with a cozy diwali ambience to set the songs singing!
  4. Rangoli making
    This is something which both the partners should take part in. Long gone has the time where rangoli was just a girl thing. Involve all the couple’s in this so that the colours not only go on the floor but also in their lives!


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These are just few hints to what you can do with a beautifully decked house with guests coming and chatting over fireworks and drinks. Diwali should always be a lot more than just all of this, and to make the best of this time with your loved ones make sure your play the perfect host that evening.

Let this diwali be your night, where you do everything right from the Pooja to the cocktail for your guests and send them back home with praise and happiness dripping of their face!

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