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Discuss The Sex Posture With Your Partner Infographics


You are into a feeling of cuddle like a baby with your partner, then you are trying to be more physical. In a way, you are in a need to have a physical relationship with a feeling of sexual arousal. And when you look into each other’s eyes, with eye to eye contact then, you as a couple are more likely to come closer to each other. ShaadiMagic had to share these sex positions for the newlywed couple. So, whether you are planning to have a baby or you are just trying to be intimate, do have a look with the help of images and explanation.

Side By Side Sex

The sideways pose of the couple wherein the man lies down with both the knees bent and the woman with her one leg beside the man’s one leg. At the same time, woman with her second leg on the or over the thigh of another leg of the man along with the facing position. As they intercourse,  a woman can even lie on the floor and the man with his one leg on the thigh of the woman making it another comfortable position for the duo.

The Squat Sex

Here, the man lies down with his leg wide open, while the woman let him intercourse in the form squat position which is a workout. Your squat position with your partner can give him more sensation and sexual arousal. Also, make sure that you do hug his leg near the sides of the elbows. Make sure you keep taking pause and deep breaths in between for a perfect arousal enjoyable moment.

Face To Face Sex

The couple sits in the opposite position with legs wide open facing each other like doing a sort of yogasana. Sit closer to each other with leg wide open enough to let him insert into the vagina. A perfect pleasure to have eye to eye contact and supportive posture sex with each other. As this intimate posture with wrapped arms and legs is also known as lotus and yogi.

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Standing Sex

A woman must always stand facing with both hands wide open on the wall with slightly bent position. The slant bent position towards the wall can allow the man to easily go deep. As a woman or man both can equally straddle up and down again and again. So, find a better place and let the heated moment begin.

Woman On Top

A simple posture of sex wherein the woman sits on the top of the man with her legs wide open beside his tummy. Also, at the same time, the man can go inside her having the pleasurable experience. As the woman can lean back and hold on his knees or ankle to have grip and support when the man lifts up and down. The man can even hold on to near her waist or thighs of her leg. It is also called a cowgirl or hopping bunny.

Speed Bump

Firstly a woman need to just lie down at the side arms sleeping position. Keep the one leg wide open to allow your partner to get some space to insert. As the man needs to lie behind her with his one leg between her both the legs.

Doggy Style

Most of the women think that this posture is easy and comfortable. As the woman kneel down like a doggie and the man go on with his insertion. Also, woman don’t require to face her partner with eye — contact with each other. If you are having the pleasure down on the floor, then the man too needs to kneel down behind her.

Do you know which of the above is the most sexiest postures? Any guesses!! Do comment below. As the squat, woman on top and the doggy style is much known for sexual arousal in man. While the face to face and side by side sex gives more feeling to have sex for both the male and female partner due to opposite posture.

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